Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Zimbabwe Proudly Prosecuting Adults for Consensual Sex

The government managers of Zimbabwe are so proud of the fact that they prosecute consenting adults for loving each other that they tell everyone about it themselves, not relying on independent journalists.

TWO brothers who were involved in an incestuous relationship with their 23-year-old niece appeared in court and admitted to being intimate with her.

Wellington (31) and Nomore Marange (24) of Dzivarasekwa, Harare, appeared before magistrate Ms Bianca Makwande yesterday.

The niece Lucia Mahachi (23) also pleaded guilty to incest.

So, if they are all criminals, who is the victim?

The trio was remanded out of custody on free bail to February 17 to give the State time to amend its papers.

How about the state amend its laws so it doesn’t try to stop consenting adults from loving each other?

The trio was ordered not to interfere with State witnesses and not to commit the same offence.

What century is this again? Some strangers sit there and order other people not to make love with each other in private.

On February 8, Nomore and Mahachi were caught pants down by his elder brother's wife, Manyara Mugwagwa.

Mugwagwa reported to her husband that his young brother was being intimate with a relative.

What, was she jealous?

But the husband, Wellington, instead beat his wife and later went to investigate the incident.

Okay, so did Mugwagwa know her husband was having sex with Lucia, too? Did her husband know Lucia was also having sex with his brother? The article leaves much unexplained. Wellington should be prosecuted for beating Mugwagwa, but the article treats that like it is no big deal. Talk about messed up priorities. Whether or not cheating was involved, the sex should not be a criminal matter. An adult should be free to share love, sex, residence, and marriage with any consenting adults.
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