Thursday, February 9, 2012


It seems like every day I see examples of one reason why I prefer the terms...

-consanguineous sex
-consanguineous marriage

to "incest" or "incestuous."

Here's another one from Like so many others, it derides a government as incestuous. The headline is "The Incestuous Ties Binding Kenney, Butkovitz and the Parking Authority" and the very first sentence perpetuates a popular myth...

Incest has long been taboo among human societies for its propensity to produce deformed and retarded offspring. Among political circles in Philadelphia, however, incest is a cherished, closely-guarded tradition, which might go a long way toward explaining our deformed and retarded government. Like our own little Gabriel Garcia Marquez novel, everyone’s in bed together, while our piggy-tailed mess of a city is left to be carried away by ants.

Here is what I wrote to them in response...

I know this isn't the focus of your article, but you start it out this way:

"Incest has long been taboo among human societies for its propensity to produce deformed and retarded offspring."

While this may be the most often-used excuse to deny relationship rights to consanguineous lovers in the some places TODAY (even though some such lovers are gay or lesbian), it can't account for longstanding bans on consanguineous sex and marriage. It's a myth that this is WHY there is a "taboo." Most children born to close relatives are healthy, and look like anyone else, sometimes even beautiful. The throw-away line starting this article is repeated over and over again, and it slows down the inevitable progression to full marriage equality. That is why I had to say something. An adult should be free to share love, sex, residence, and marriage with ANY consenting adults.

Ignorance and defaming of love and stigmatizing children needs to be countered.
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