Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Japan Needs Full Marriage Equality

Every nation on the planet needs gender equality, the freedom to live out our gender identities and sexual orientations, and full marriage equality.

There are couples in Japan who are suing to seek progress. From
The couples argue that the government's position on same-sex marriage flouts equality under the law and freedom of marriage as protected in the Japanese Constitution.
Let's look at what the Constitution says...
Article 24 of the Constitution says, "Marriage shall be based only on the mutual consent of both sexes." 
The government has indicated that it interprets this to apply only to heterosexual couples while the lawyers working for the couples argue that some legal scholars do not see it as prohibiting same-sex marriage. 
The government also argues that the term "husband and wife" used in the civic law and the family registration law indicates a man and a woman, and thus cannot accept marriage applications from gay and lesbian couples.
So change the laws.

There are comments after the article.

Concerned Citizen...
There are many people who cannot marry according to law regardless of whether they love thier partner/s. 
A) People cannot marry if one of the partners is underage.
B) An existing couple cannot expand thier marriage with a third or fourth or more person/s.
C) A person cannot marry someone who is already married to someone else.
D) Polygamy is not allowed.
E) Incestuous marriages are not allowed. 
There are people who fit in the above categories that want to marry because they love each other. Is the law discriminatory towards them for forbidding them? No. Are we hateful to them because we don't think they should be allowed to legally marry? No.
The legal line must be drawn somewhere.
Yes, and it should be drawn at consenting adults. Consenting adults are generally allowed to enter into contracts.

There is no good reason to deny consenting adults their fundamental right to marry. Let's get on
 the right side of history!
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