Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Where Are They Now?

Some people, while not themselves involved in consanguinamory, are turned on by erotica with an incest theme. Some people who are, or have been, involved in consanguinamory want nothing to do interacting with or providing masturbation material for the first group. This causes friction when these two groups intersect at incest websites. (As always, I’m referring to adult consensual sex.) Some discussion forums have deliberately maintained a policy prohibiting pornographic images or videos. Some of the antiporn sentiment within the consanguinamory community mirrors a general population antiporn sentiment that adult videos and images aren’t good representations of, or are even antithetical to, the reality of intimacy and lovemaking.

I'm not here to take sides on that issue. I try to keep this blog a safe and welcoming place to visit for all.

The rest of this entry is about a specific set of such explicit adult incest videos that have been widely circulated, as I have a curiosity about the participants. Click to read more only if you want to read or comment on this subject. [I am bumping up this entry because it is still relevant. Check the comments below for some updates.]

As the title says, “Where are they now?” Where are the people who are in these videos, which are presented as real, rather than fictional or fantasy?

The series to which I can refer can be described as the “Incest Taboo” series, although probably many series have taken some form of that title. At least one of these has a "World Net, Inc." copyright. Last I checked, the videos were being sold at a US-based website associated with a paid-subscription forum, with two short previews of each video provided for free. The videos have been at various video-tube websites for free streaming, probably to the irritation of those selling the videos, who presumably made many of them and were first to “release” all of them.

A few examples of the videos…

Incest Taboo 1: Alex, Brandy, Cathy. They claim to be brother, sister, and sister, and I can believe it. I could also believe it if they got high right before they started recording (just a hunch I got.) They did their own camera work. This could have been made in 2001 or before.

Incest Taboo 4: Michael and Lynn. They claim to be brother and sister, and I can believe it. They also did their own camera work.

Incest Taboo 5: Barbara and Jason. They claim to be mother and son, and have identical hair color. They have someone else doing the camera work.

Some of the subsequent videos have someone from the “Incest Taboo” site interviewing the participants before the sex, during which the interviewers do the camera work. One video has a man who has difficulty getting and keeping and erection, at least in front of the cameras and watchers. That's hardly a mark of professional performer.

There are several reasons I have to wonder “Where are these people now?" Most of the participants of the videos I actually saw sound like they are from the US and perhaps Canada, where consensual adult sex between siblings and between parents and children is still illegal in most places, and subject to hateful prejudice and discrimination even where not subject to prosecution. As stupid as any laws against consensual sex are, it still seems risky to appear on video doing something that is illegal in so many places. Then again, prosecuting them, at least in the US, would be a state/local matter, and it would be difficult to prove where the “crime” actually took place, and thus proving that it took place in the prosecutor’s jurisdiction.

As I ask in the interviews I have done, I’m curious about how their relationships have fit in to the rest of their lives. What effects, if any, the videos have had on their lives? Are they still active with each other? Were any contacted by law enforcement? Did neighbors or other family members see the videos and say anything to them? One claimed brother and sister are married to other people, who apparently don’t know what they are doing with each other (cheating.) Did the spouses ever find out?

Many people are taking video of themselves having sex now, and even sharing it with the world. It’s another thing, though, for someone involved in consanguinamory to put it on video for the world to see, especially with strangers in the room.

So while I would expect they used pseudonyms in the videos, I have to wonder, where are you now, Alex, Brandy, Cathy (Incest Taboo 1,) Michael and Lynn (4), Barbara and Jason (5), Tom and Marie (6), Dre and Jessica (9), Tabitha and Brian (12), Gabe and Gretchen (13), Bobby and Jill (14), Rick and Tabitha (16) and the rest?

Anyone who has appeared in those videos or others that are presented as actual consanguinamory and can answer my questions (and anyone else for that matter), can contact me at fullmarriageequality at yahoo dot com or on Facebook.

[People have commented with some updates. Please feel free to kep adding comments, and definitely check out what the comments say.]
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  1. hi the couple i 15 were from indiana and the father was busted and served 2 years in state jail the couple in 16 rick and tabitha? were only half siblings the tapes are still avalible from a duth website but importatin to us would be in breach of fed statute as would online viewing.

    1. hi that should be dutch website and importing sorry typo also there is spanish site fa kings which has a real mother daughter team they show offical state photo ids at start of each web show/ says incest above age of consent legal in spain russia erance and israel and japan most likly source for this stuff if you want it.

    2. also fa kings spanish site real mother daughter they show photo ids.

    3. Do you know what the Indiana case was for #15? I'd like the reference. It'd help with naysayers.

    4. The year and last name would be enough.

  2. There's actually another website out there,, that's seems to have taken over from IncestTaboo. (I heard incesttaboo had some problems with the authorities a while back.) There's one couple on incezt that posted a video like the one's you're referring too, and they set off none of my bullshit detectors, which are pretty attuned at this point. The girl at least is going by a pseudonym. There's a repost of the video here. (FYI, the still preview is NSFW.) They've also posted some other videos at the request of incezt members, but those are just sex. The first half of that video is just them talking about their relationship, and I have to say they're one of the sweetest couples I've ever seen. If they are acting, they deserve Oscars, and should move into something more lucrative.

  3. I'm looking for couples that are dating or having sex with a relative and are open to discussing the topic. Email me:

  4. There is some evidence that jill from Bobby and Jill is actually a porn star named tonisha mills. If you look at tonisha mills early work it's hard to tell but some of her later work and the resemblance is uncanny even down to the reactions in bed. It's worth investigating.

    1. I'd be happy to investigate thoroughly. Seriously, it is possible for a woman to be an exotic dancer, a porn actress, and to actually have sex with her brother.

      Also, please note that due to spam and other concerns, comments have to be approved before they appear. There is no need to submit the same comment twice. You can if you want to. I welcome comments.

    2. Yeah, TBH, that's the one I'm most suspicious of. The one's people submit themselves I'm less suspicious of.

    3. Yeah I looked her up. They're almost certainly the same person, and the bios don't match. Busted that one.

    4. Although maybe not. The tattoos on the leg are different. Hmmm... Could've gotten them removed. Who knows?

  5. incest taboo 15 the dad is fabian lee feilds parkfeild indiana he was in prison 2 years 2006-2008 the 3 videos were shot 2002-2004 and were on the web


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