Tuesday, January 15, 2019

England Still Prosecuting Consenting Adults

While the vast majority of consanguineous sex and consanguinamory never becomes a law enforcement matter and there are people not far from you engaging in consanguinamory as you read this, there are still places where some people are prosecuted for the "crime" of enjoying each other's company.

Here's a report from
An uncle and niece had two children together after forming a sexual relationship.
Nowhere in the article is it mentioned that those children have any health problems whatsoever, and you just know that would be included if they did. So we can assume that like most children born to such relationships, the children are fine. Except that their parents are being harassed and discriminated against and branded.

Details of the incest have emerged as the pair were taken to court after coming clean to their family.
So their family ratted them out. How terrible. Don't be like those rats!
Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court heard the man and woman, who are both from North Staffordshire but cannot be named for legal reasons, were a couple for years and even had children together. 
Prosecutor Robert Price said the male defendant was the brother of the female defendant's mum. 
After initially denying the allegations, the couple came clean when confronted by relatives and the authorities.
The family should have kept it at that.

The pair, who are no longer a couple but still live in the area, pleaded guilty to having sex with an adult relative.
What an absurd "crime." There's no victim. Consenting adults have a right to be together how they mutually agree.
Judge David Fletcher sentenced both defendants, who have no previous convictions, to a 12-month community order with supervision. The man was ordered to complete 40 hours unpaid work and the woman was made the subject of a six-week curfew from 11pm to 8am. 
Both were placed on the sex offenders’ register for five years.
Outrageous! At least they weren't thrown in prison, like some others. How, exactly, have they been dangerous to anyone? What threat do they pose? What's wrong with loving each other?

There is no good reason to prosecute lovers like this.

If they really did break up and aren't just appearing to let strangers control their love life, I'd be curious as to why. Sometimes it is exactly because of such unjust prosecutions that lovers don't stay together. The threat of being so mistreated by their own government is too much stress.

If you're in a similar relationship, this is why you might want to keep the closet door closed and otherwise protect yourself and each other.
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  1. When violence is done to the extreme against innocent people and it reaches the news media, it prompts some of the media's commentators and sometimes even reporters to use the word, "atrocity/ies" in describing it. Seldom do we pay honest attention to the fact that violence done to innocent couples and families who share consanguinamorous love is, by definition, violence taken to the extreme in that its purpose is to destroy outright the lives of those who never did anything against each others' will, freely chose to share love both voluntarily and on an ongoing basis, and harmed neither each other nor anyone outside their intimate behaviors also fits the definition of atrocity/ies. The defenders and allies of consanguinamory would do well to include the word, "atrocity/ies" in their legal lexicon, when going about the work of protecting those persecuted for consanguinamory, as best they can. As early as 1984, the low-profile U.S. TV series, "The Hitchhiker", focused at the beginning of one of its episodes on an adult brother-sister couple who had to keep their love secret because the brother had married outside his family, his wife knew nothing of his love connection with his sister, and he happened to be a masculinely glamorous, highly successful actor and respected family man. Unfortunately, a completely sociopathic editor/publisher of a sleazy tabloid, saw only sensational headlines and fast profits from her story of "exposing" the consanguinamorous couple for their innocent, completely consensual love. No sooner had the story run than a rival tabloid was first to pick up the consequences of the first tabloid's "exposure": The actor's career was ruined, his wife, unable to cope with his ongoing love affair with his sister, or with his perfectly practical reasons for keeping the affair secret, killed herself, his family broke up and he and his sister were forced to live under anonymous suspicion and degradation or even to spend much of the rest of their lives in prison. Naturally, the tabloid owner/manager who first ran the story of the actor and his sister's personal life could only think of how she'd been "scooped" by the rival tabloid, while her penitent cameraman who helped her put the "exposure" together confronted her with the consequences of the story they had no business running, and all the tabloid owner/manager could think was, "Ohhhh, I'm SO HUMILIATED!" Reminding her of the ruined actor's suicide wife, the cameraman answered, "Oh, YOU'RE HUMILIATED? SHE'S DEAD!!" For the sake of the deadly story line, the owner/manager gets her come-uppance later on, and no life-respecting member of the audience would blame her executioners for returning to her the consequences of her atrocity committed against innocent people later in the segment. Indeed, a growing segment of the general public are becoming more and more aware of legal, social and psychic atrocities being committed against innocent people throughout much of the world, and of the need to do something to stop them. Let's do what we can to keep that awareness growing!

  2. too similar to blasphemy law.

  3. It's so wrong that these two people were punished. There was no crime here. It's also so wrong that their own family turned them in. Why can't they be left alone to be happy together?

    Liz Smith

    1. I agree. I love my sister and I need to have the courage to tell her.

  4. Russian laws don't prosecute consanguineous couples, but American and British laws do. And America and the United Kingdom are democracies, but Russia isn't. Okay.


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