Friday, January 4, 2019

We Get Letters From Half Brothers

How is the New Year treating you?

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Anonymous left a comment on an entry that answers the FAQ "Can siblings marry?"

I don't get why a half-brother or sister can't marry. It is ridiculous. If two people love one another they should be able to marry if they so choose to.

As for myself and my love, we are quite happy together and are madly in love. We want to be married and be free with our expression of love, however, people are so damn judgmental and closed-minded and hateful that we can't do anything as a couple around people whom actually know who we are, which is aggravating as hell.
Yes, having to hide is awful. It's terrible that people feel pressured to do that. But congratulations on your love!
We are half-brother and sister, and no, it is not lust. I/we know the difference. I have been in many horrible relationships with other people, if you could even call them that, more like nightmare-ships (even had a child in one of them). 
I had not ever felt a true love like I do with her. We did not grow up together and no, it's not "GSA" either. I have looked all over the place about this subject. We talked about this for quite a long time before we ever started our relationship with one another, and everything that we would have to deal with at one point or another, and we both said 'F' the world and its views and opinions about us, the law included.
Interesting. I do think the authority of law would be stronger if there weren't laws criminalizing or otherwise discriminating against consenting adults for loving each other. Having such laws still in effect does much damage to respect for the law.

I would like to add to this that my sister and I are also an endangered species. Yes, that is correct, and we have been put on the list as insulting as it is it is true. This was caused by Columbus and all that followed after him. Need I say more? And as a result, those who remain are related to me/her so I/we are in a conundrum created by the same people who made these laws in North America. I/we are dual citizens, really. It comes down to" breed our race out and become permanent fixtures in you're museums" like we already are, or try to revive ourselves. 

That is a very interesting point. Where laws deny marriage rights to first cousins or close relatives, or even criminalize sex between first cousins as a handful of states do, it can practically force very small minority populations to disappear. Consanguinamory can keep the groups strong and continuing.
I have love in my life and am grateful for it, as my life was always filled with hate until I connected with the one and only true love of my life. I have not ever felt the way I do, ever in my life, about anyone or anything, and I am not about to let it go because a false government tells me so or a blind law makes me do something I don't want to do or a religious faction preaching hell-bound or some hater group either. 
Congrats on that love, Anonymous, and please do comment whenever you want and please do reach out via email, if you're willing.

There is no good reason why these lovers should be denied their right to marry or simply to be together without discrimination. They are from a historically oppressed class, and to continue to deny them their rights perpetuates that oppression.

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  1. A good article, thank you Keith.
    Sometimes secret can mean nearly the same a sacred. And many 'conventional' lovers seem to prefer to have a secret relationship, and hide from the prying eyes of the public and their friends and families.(I guess they want to keep their happiness all for themselves and share less with family and society. (Family and friends do notice the couple missing special occasions and worry they are investing too much time and emotional energy in one another. And I guess family, friends and society do have a right to expect that people will continue to contribute and give back, (after having taken so much for free in the past) and not disappear forever into an OCD type romantic relationship (both members of the diad effectively worshipping each other as if the relationship were a private religion. But if family and society force CIAO people into deeply secret relationships, by threatening punishments like jail time, fines,anger and discrimination then society only has itself to blame! Using anti-ACI laws to do state controlled and selective eugenics and genocide by the 'back door'is simply the abuse of power and bureaucratic madness. But this is just preaching to the choir. Sorry.

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