Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Another Example of Why We Will Win

Inspired by a "hit list" from misguided crusaders on Tumblr, someone sent this blog's sister Tumblr a hate message...
Incest is gross and illegal for a reason
What does one say to that?

"Thank you for that well-reasoned contribution to human discourse."?

I'd be curious to know how this person defines "incest". Abuse is gross. It's also gross to try to use the force of law to interfere with consensual sex, love, and relationships.

It's gross for people to contact strangers to make such ridiculous statements, which accomplish nothing positive.

There are many people who'd find that person's love life, or lack thereof, gross. That should have no power, and it's a rude thing to say to anyone. And loving consanguinamorous relationships are not sick.

Consanguineous sex between first cousins is LEGAL in many, many countries & all but a handful of US states. Many countries and half of US states, including our most populous, will legally marry first cousins.

Half siblings can get legally married in at least two modern countries.

In many modern countries, including the states of Rhode Island and New Jersey, there are no laws against an adult being with any consenting, closely related adult. Ohio has no laws against adult siblings being together. So, I guess in those places those relationships are NOT illegal "for a reason."

But as for where laws do criminalize closely related consenting adults from being together, those laws are unjust (and unconstitutional in the US.) Interracial relationships used to be illegal in many places. Those laws were WRONG.

Please do give me any valid reason to have a blanket denial of such a fundamental right as choosing a mutually agreeing partner; the reason must not be applicable to people who aren't criminalized, or it is not valid.

Go ahead. I'll wait.

Ah, but there isn't one.

Which is why all the bigots can do is hurl hate.

And it is why we will win. More and more people are supporting the right of an adult to share love, sex, residence, and marriage (and any of those things without the others) with any and all consenting adults. Full marriage equality will happen.

Like it or not, there are people enjoying consanguinamory not far from you as you read this. And you can't stop them.
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