Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Answering Anonymous Questions

Anonymous asked (on Tumblr)...
Do you ACTUALLY know of men/women that asked their parents to be their first sexual experience (for whatever reason)? Isn’t that just a sign of people with poor social skills that could not connect with anyone to it had to come down to this?

Yes I do know people who’ve done this. Not one that I know has regretted it.

Some of them were socially adept and fairly attractive when they asked. That’s because people have done this for a variety of reasons. Some do it because they want their first experiences to be with someone very special. Some because of an existing trust, bond, or love. Some because they find them extremely attractive.

Are there people who do it at least partially because of a lack confidence, social skills, or looks? Sure. Isn’t it nice if they can have a positive experience and build up their confidence?

It’s a myth that consanguineous sex is for losers or people who are somehow dysfunctional. You’d be shocked at some of the highly accomplished, admired, attractive people who have these experiences. There are also countless “average,” guy or gal-next-door types who have done this. Some of them have turned down opportunities they’ve had to be with people outside of their families.

Some people have their first experiences and many more, sometimes decades of relationships, with people outside of the family, but later have everything from a one night stand to an ongoing spousal relationship with someone who is a close relative or family member.

I guarantee you know people who’ve been involved, including someone who first experiences, entirely consensual, were with a parent.

Many people are NOT attracted to a parent and would never ever want to even see or hear their parent having sex let alone be involved, and if you’re one of those, it can be hard to understand that not everyone feels the same way. But there are people who do feel differently.
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