Monday, January 28, 2019

The Odds Are Good

We continue to get questions about mother-son relationships at this blog's sister Tumblr. Here's the latest question and answer.
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  1. I see guys are asking how can they go about getting into their Moms and I find those to be silly questions.

    to my way of thinking a guy into his twenties should know how to go about courting a woman. and if he wants to get close to his mom why would he not court her?

    if you like and want any woman first you work out how she is, what she likes..understand her. so first talking is crucial, being attentive..which would begin in the home, or if not whenever they are together doing whatever.

    growing up I found good conversations with women helped a whole listen mostly, then come back with relative insightful responses that extends the conversation

    being attentive at the same time could be very helpful in what is going on as the conversation lives. maybe its in the kitchen and she is making a meal. whatever you are of assistance as you talk, complementary to her own work

    she is going to very satisfied by his understanding, smarts and assistance. he is building up confidence in her. she will trust him, understand him as really liking her and not a selfish, narrow-minded person.

    that's the way to go..being a man, who enjoys the woman in question company and talk, her interests in life..understanding her.

    the ask her out after figuring out where she would enjoy being, and there there. he would be exposing how he feels but that's the time to do, not to worry. she will realize whats going on but he has already established a favorable situation.

    on the date her enjoyment would be his pleasure ensuring she has a good time. but his focus on her good time is not a fact he would advertise. it must be natural and it would be because he likes her. and now for sure she knows

    ask her out again and if she agrees he is on his way. all the time he conveys to her his sincerity, skills, smarts, maturity. and she is having a great time with a man she may never have had before.

    soon he can make his move to go all the way..if she does not do something even before to indicate to him she is ready.

    that is how I used to move on the women I liked in my life..with my wife.

    I was never involved in incest. where I came from that was strict taboo and was never even a passing thought in my mind. I thought incest was as I have always been taught a universal taboo..only to discover some years ago that it is not..that in fact incest exists in some form or legality over more than half the worlds population

    interesting! the development of a movement however tiny of a movement to legality of marriage is very interesting indeed.

  2. I do not necessarily trust the movement to full marriage equality, as an honest, principled movement. then again I do not think that marriage should be a government monopoly-sanctioning activity either.

    but that's a whole issue that must be thought through and worked out with the protection of children and individual rights being paramount issues that some authority must be able to arbitrate. maybe the church or some popular structure that cane be set up to deal with.

    but people should be free to cohabit, reproduce and live without government sanction, by their own decisions and by ceremonies they set up. the same popular structure for arbitration can also deal with the recordings necessary all along the way for all relations. such a structure must not be huge and monopolistic but small and many.. but no less effective and respected for that

    1. agreed that marriage shouldn’t be connected to the government.

  3. the fact is life ought to go on, flow on its own finding its contours, shapes and formations relative to relationships in and among the people. and these must be recognized by law as they solidify and produces results over time that requires some public response.

    what would make all of this more valid is the general and continuing diminution of government until a popular democracy is in place focused on the interest of all

    I argue that a structure of material security in which everyone can earn a living according to their ability and training, and live decent lives would facilitate a powerful expansion of society, of democracy that would make all of this work..peacefully, progressively

    but we wont have any such unless the popular will finds full expression in how society is organized


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