Thursday, July 26, 2012

Swaziland Imprisons Adults For Consensual Sex

Eugene Dube reports at that consenting adults have been incarcerated for having sex.

Blood relatives, an aunt and her brother’s son have been convicted for having an incestuous relationship.

The related couple were yesterday sentenced to four years in jail or a fine option of E2000 each.

They both failed to pay the fine.

The relatives are said to have been reported to the police by an angry family elder, who on several occasions found them having intercourse.
Rat. A jealous rat. He should have read this.
The case was before Magistrate Musa Nxumalo, who slammed the two saying the deed was devilish and unSwazi.

“It is unacceptable at all,” said Magistrate Nxumalo.
Notice he doesn’t back up his bigotry with anything factual.
Other people who were in court labelled this practice as unSwazi while flatly condemning the aunt as she was older than her nephew.
I wonder what their love lives are like, if they have them. Would everyone in the community approve of them?
The grandfather, who was identified as Mdluli was present in court, armed with a knobkerrie and visibly angry.
Sounds like perhaps he’s the one who has a problem.
While outside, waiting for the trial to start, he could be seen talking alone and wielding his weapon to imaginary foes.
Sounds like a credible witness, right?

In an interview, Mkhulu Mdluli slammed their actions.

“This is unSwazi my child, this boy is very young, the lady is his blood aunt.

I am disgusted by their conduct,” he said angrily.

I’m disgusted by bigotry and interfering with the love of consenting adults. Who cares if someone else doesn’t like them making love? Don’t do it if you don’t want to. How did they hurt anyone?

An adult should be free to share love, sex, residence, and marriage with any consenting adults.
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