Monday, July 16, 2012

A Family Worth Visiting

They call themselves, or at least their blog, "A Family Less Ordinary." They are definitely worth a visit. I frequently see snide comments about families like this. Why? The parents are cousins.

There's nothing wrong with experimenting with, dating, or marrying a cousin. There are some countries and a little over half of US states where the bigotry against marriage equality extends to preventing first cousins from marrying, but there are many places where marrying a first cousin is legal and common.

It is sad that so much ignorance and bigotry remains. And with this kind of prejudice against cousins, you can imagine that closer relatives who are consanguinamorous are not encourages to come out of the closet.

From their introduction...

We have all the same wants, needs, dreams and desires as any other couple though, and we want the same kind of life as any other too.

My name is Lauren and my other half, his name is Damian.  We are first cousins.  And yes, we are crazy, head-over-heels in love.

Obviously we are not a normal, everyday couple and for that I apologize, to you the reader, to my family and to anyone else that takes issue with this fact.  But that defining detail changes nothing about how we love each other or anyone else.  We just are who we are and we want our loved ones to know us.  To know us and to love us, even as a couple.

Damian and I love our children very much, Kayley love bug and Violet princess.  We are dedicated to making a life for us and them.  We want to show them the world, everything that is awesome and amazing and happy.  We most of all, want to show them LOVE.  We have so much to give.
 The bigots who say hurtful things about such families should wake up to reality that love is love.
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