Thursday, July 5, 2012

Polygynists in the Media

Slowly but surely, I'm clearing the desk. There were a couple of articles on polygynists I wanted to point out. Unless an article is filled with lies and venom against marriage equality, then I consider it good that an article has raised awareness of alternatives to the narrow relationship model so often presented in the media, which is heterosexual, monogamous, nonconsanguineous, along racial lines (usually), and married.

This article by Deborah Arthurs at featured the Dargers. Joe Darger, you may recall, is married to twin sisters and their cousin.

Joe Darger, from Salt Lake City, Utah, lives in a house with his three wives and their 24 children.

His polygamous marriage is illegal in 50 American states - and has resulted in him being excommunicated from the Mormon church.

But Joe, a fifth generation polygamist, believes his is the correct way - and says he wants to fight to have his plural marriage officially recognised by society.

Controversial: Polygamist appears on This Morning to defend his decision to marry twin sisters and their cousin
They are all consenting adults. Why should they be denied equality?
The Dargers were investigated by state authorities several years ago for their beliefs and attempted to keep their plural marriage secret for many years.
Nobody should have to hide their love.

For Joe, a fifth generation polygamist and belongs to an Orthodox off-shoot of the mainstream Mormon church, the decision to enter into a plural marriage was an easy one

But his wives say the situation suits them perfectly too.

They confronted any feelings of jealousy early on ('of course there were moments we were jealous,' Alina admits), and now manage to live harmoniously.

Joe shares out his conjugal time equally between the three, spending a night in turn with each in their own bedrooms.
If it works for them, why should anyone else be able to interfere?
When asked if they would swap their current situation to have Joe to themselves, all replied that they would not.

'Our marriage is fulfilling and wonderful,' said Vicki, while Valerie said she was 'grateful.'

'The others learned a lot before I came along, they helped to shape Joe into the man he is today, so I'm forever grateful for that,' she says.
Those who bash polygyny claim it renders women powerless, but I think in many cases it could mean the women actually have more power.

This other article comes from Tory Shepherd and was at It is about the Glasbys. Marc is married to Belle and Dorothy, who are sisters.


Marc Glasby was faithful to his wife Belle for 30 years - until he fell in love with her identical twin sister, Dorothy.

Now he loves them both. And they love him. And the three of them live together, the women taking it in turns to sleep with Marc.

Polygamy – marrying multiple people - is illegal in Australia, but there is clearly no law against polyamory – loving multiple people.
Australia needs full marriage equality.
In some Australian communities – including Muslim, Aboriginal, African, and some religious groups, polygamy is practised informally.

And Polyamory Australia (“supporting ethical non-monogamy”) says on its website the poly community is diverse, and thriving.
They shouldn't be relegated to being second-class citizens.
Mr Glasby – who tells his story in The Punch today - says if it was legal, he would marry both sisters.“I am unfortunate in one respect in that I live in a society that does not tolerate multiple marriages,” he said.

“I have no idea why our society has deemed it illegal to marry more than one person, but I suspect it was all originally driven by religion.

“If I had the option I would most certainly be legally married to both girls, as they are both, in every respect except on paper, my wives.”
Nobody should be denied their right to marry. These media appearances will help move us towards full marriage equality.
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