Monday, July 23, 2012 Is Where to Go to Talk About Genetic Sexual Attraction

There is more than one place online to talk about Genetic Sexual Attraction, in case you or someone you know is experiencing GSA. I recommend as a place that welcomes all involved in GSA, and does not charge anyone to join.

Here's something written by a member...

Just to be open, this is my first reply to any of the GSA postings I have read over all the sites during the last three months that my "daughter" and I have been in a physical relationship. Just to let you know, we refer to it as "closeness" (As in I miss our "closeness" when we have to act in the more traditional, expected way)

I felt the need to respond to this because I have often related to father/daughter GSA posts but did notice that it seemed that this dynamic was the one which was most judged in other forums.

My story is a little different. I met her only last year after she had just gradutated and we maintained a "normal" father/daughter relationship at the beginning. I had the same feelings you described when we first started spending time together. I figured that although she was technically related to me that it would be natural for a 35yr old a man to be attracted to a 18yr old woman who was beautiful. I tried to rationalize my feelings that way.

Anyway, her boyfriend left for college about the same time her mom kicked her out to go live with her grandma who lives 5min away from me. We started spending more time together and it became something that I started considering as platonic dates. As time continued, we finally took the step beyond platonic. It was a surreal experience. Very physical and sexual but not very romantic. It turns out we both had very similiar thoughts concering the physical side of sex. What took us by surprise is how "ok" we were with it.

Of course, the physical turned into the emotional. The sexual turned into the romantic. This is when I started questioning myself and whether I was being a predator, perv or something other derogatory term. That is when I found out about GSA. What a relief. The clinicial term helped me understand why it happened. Finding the other forums and listening to the other stories help me accept why it continued to happened. All this leads to this comment...

I love how I feel with her. She loves being with me. We both read people's stories and can't believe how it sounds like we wrote the postings ourselves. The problem is that I find that my feelings come in ebbs and flows. The ebbs are not low at all but the flows are overwhelming. I almost feel like I start to obsess. When I have that overwhelming feeling I start to imagine being with her forever.

It is great that exists as a place where he can go to talk about this.

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