Thursday, September 9, 2010

Silly Singapore

A young woman in Singapore was criminally accused for engaging in consensual sex with her father, but she got the equivalent of an acquittal.

The 23-year-old technical executive is believed to be the first woman to have been charged with allowing her 46-year-old father to have sex with her willingly in the master bedroom of their flat in Serangoon at about 11.30pm in April 2008.

The father, a freelance plumber, was to have been charged that day as well but did not show up. The court has issued a warrant for his arrest. He is still at large and police investigations are still on-going.

Let the father go, too. Assuming they enjoyed each other sexually, I ask, “So what?” Actually, if they did, then good for them. The article does not point to a victim. That’s because there is no victim. This shouldn’t be a crime. Singapore should change its laws.
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