Friday, September 24, 2010

A Persecuted Person

A woman who has experienced GSA warns that

There are few places where it is not prosecuted, but even fewer where it would be accepted.

She goes on to explain how bigotry against GSA has destroyed her life…

As for me…in the past year I have lost:

My job, my home, most of my friends, and my savings. I’ve incurred great debts, and faced jail. Not many family members know, but out of the few that do, I am treated VERY differently. I moved out of state, to a place where no one knows me. I live in one room that I rent out of someone else’s home because I can’t afford anything else. Almost everything I own is in storage and I may lose my car as well. My health has suffered immensely because of the stress over the past year.

The most important loss is this…my heart is in pieces because part of my life has been ripped away from me. In March, my three youngest children were taken from me by the court and given to my ex husband’s family. I only had a few hours to get them packed and say goodbye. It is not safe for them there, yet no one in authority cares because they don’t see GSA, they don’t see me. They see a monster, a criminal, a deviant and to them they think that justifies sending them back to a place that we fled from to begin with.

Should all of this happen to someone because of mutual attraction and consensual sex? Prejudice hurts.
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  1. I deeply empathize so much with this person. We have had to live through a very similar experience. Moving from place to place, changing identities, loss of family, friends, finances, etc. All the time being hunted by those whom we escaped from. I am doing my part to stand up for equality, and the safety of children, but I wish I could do more. I hope all works out and the children are returned very soon.

  2. JR, I am sorry you've been through so much trouble. There's only so much one person can do. My friends don't want to go public, so the only way we can make a difference right now is this blog and the places I comment.


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