Sunday, September 12, 2010

Common Objections to Consanguineous Love

If you can stand a little rough language, you might want to check out this counter to three common condemnations of consanguineous love.

Of the charge that “Incest is not ‘normal’”…

Incest in Nature occurs. Especially within the animal communities whose socio interaction resembles to us: chimps. Where homosexuality also occurs as well. It’s also not uncommon in the feline community (though in this case homosexuality is not common).

Of the charge that “Inbreeding leads to defective babies”…

Somehow many biologists fail to mention that similar genes also strengthen good genes and way too diverse genes pose an equal probability of causing miscarriages and defective babies.

Of the charge that “Incest is wrong”…

Pure and simple dogmatic reasoning, what else do you need?
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