Sunday, September 26, 2010

It is Not a Borg

Someone asked, “How is incest viewed in the gay community?”

In states where gay marriage is allowed, can two brothers or sisters get married? Has this issue even been addressed?

This question could have been worded better. The only thing the entire gay community has in common is... an attraction to people of the same sex, and the persecution that comes with that. Not all LGBT think the same way when it comes to just about anything. (Think about it. Do all heterosexuals things the same way?) Sure, we can talk percentages, and my guess is that if you take a poll, there is a greater percentage of LGBT people, in comparison to heterosexuals, who are understanding people in consanguineous relationships, if nothing else, of the persecution they go through. You can find LGBT people who are repulsed by the very idea and support denial of consang rights, and you can find LGBT people all along the spectrum of opinion and experience, all the way to those who are in consanguineous relationships themselves and want that freedom to marry. For example, Linda and Melissa are bisexual and consanguineous.

Same sex marriage is legal in Sweden, and half siblings can marry there. So, two half-brothers or two-half sisters can marry there, I would presume. I think that is the best situation in the world as far as those two freedoms to marry.

Of course the issue has been addressed. We address it here!

One person answered…

Essentially, incest (between adults) is on roughly the same level as homosexuality. By this i mean that it involves two consenting adults whose sex lives don’t concern anybody else.

It doesn’t have to be just two. Ask Linda, Melissa, and Matthew.

She then invoked the “deformed babies” argument, saying that if consanguineous lovers have babies, those babies have “dangerously high chances” of having birth defects. That’s true, if you also call the chances of older mothers producing children with birth defects “dangerously high.”

I haven’t heard of any groups pressuring the government to consider legalising incestuous relationships.

Time for that to change.

Someone named Shaun 'T' Sheep wrote…

It’s not the same issue at all and the two should not be compared, ever.

Incest is vile and disgusting, it should never be acceptable.

And yet, like so many other bigoted replies to these kinds of questions, nothing but personal animus is offered. There were several answers like that. It isn’t vile and disgusting to the people who have enjoyed everything from recreational experimentation to deep, loving, lifelong partnerships with close family members.
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