Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Brief Basic Explanation of Polyamory

Here is a perspective that gives some basic explanation of polyamory.

Polyamory is based on honesty and openness and the key values of polyamorists, as they call themselves, are fidelity, loyalty, respect, trust, dignity, mutual support, communication, negotiations and unpossessiveness. For that reason, polyamorists are also familiar with the term ‘coming-out’.

It is simple-minded and erroneous to call polyamory cheating, and yet prejudiced people do it all of the time. Cheating is not polyamory, nor is polyamory cheating.

Some relationships are bisexual, while others are monosexual (that is, solely heterosexual or homosexual). Polyamory may have a hierarchical structure. The hierarchical version distinguishes between primary, secondary etc. partners. The status of the primary partner may be equal to the status of a marital partner.

Polyamory doesn’t have any rules, but there are different variations in terms of number and gender structure and in terms of partners’ residence and division of work. Some relationships last for a long time and people also have children.

You don’t have to understand it, or like it. But poly people often live together, have children, and otherwise build families. They should have the freedom to marry so that they can, if that is what they choose.
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  1. Cheating is not polyamory, nor is polyamory cheating.

    Poly people are also labeled as sluts without cause.
    Many who practice polyamory never sleep around outside of their family groups and have fewer sexual partners than a large portion of traditional 1+1 types over time.
    Just being into polyamory does not make a person promiscuois.
    Of course it doesn't stop them from it either.


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