Monday, August 16, 2010

Woman Considering Half-Brother

Someone signing her letter “Anon. Cardiff” wrote in to an advice column in the UK. She seems to be experiencing GSA. After thinking she was an only child all of her life, she found out that she had a half-brother about her age, and she met him.

Straight away I thought how attractive he was (we look alike!) but the attraction is turning into something more. From cuddles (like brother and sister) we’re beginning to hold on for too long and getting a bit tactile. Would it be so wrong?

Before I could answer this, I’d need to know if this woman is in a closed relationship. If she isn’t in a relationship, or is in an open relationship, than no, it wouldn’t be wrong. But the person writing the answer, “Linda”, pulls out the prejudice right away.

Yes, according to our laws on incest.

We used to have laws against same-sex relationships, too. The laws are wrong, not consensual sex between adults.

These would have been implemented to protect the vulnerable from exploitation and disturbing, harmful acts by relatives; also to guard against the double severity of genetic disorders being passed on to offspring of incestuous relationships.

Ridiculous. The overwhelming majority of children born with genetic disorders in the West are born to nonconsanguineous couples, and most children born to consanguineous couples are at least as health as the general population. This would be consensual behavior, not assault.

Stop trying to get other people to conform to your ideals. This could be the great love of her life.
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