Thursday, August 5, 2010

Comments on Polygamy

As I wrote earlier, a Canadian scholar says polygamy (polygyny, specifically) is harmful. There are many comments on this erroneous notion at Go read through them to see what people are thinking. Here’s just a taste.


Seriously, consider this: are single women rasing children on their own bad for society?

Would it be better for society if rather than living in atomised alienated controllable family units, families lived as larger multi-generational groupings, supporting and sustaining each other?

This is a good point. A single mother or a woman who wants to become a mother might find polygyny to be a good fit for her. If it helps her and her children, isn’t that better?

The main thing is that children are raised in a loving environment. How people accomplish this is none of the government's business.

Preach it!


To quote Yoda: "there is no try, there is only do" . . . clearly the anthropologist has never been married to one woman if he thinks a man could control multiple wives. He can try, but to suggest he could is laughable.

I sense this being tongue-in-cheek, but seriously, as long as women have the ability to leave and the ability to be protected from domestic violence, then she should also have the right to be married to someone who is also married to others without fear of being trapped.

Liberty2Day, who is less than complimentary of women…

As the Arabs say, four wives is ideal. Two are always fighting, three means two gang up on one, but with four there is balance.

That’s interesting. But I think various combinations can work depending on the personalities and the needs of the individuals.

Jerry M. Chaney II, who says he is Lucien D'Cœur/The Kentucky Pagan Forum Moderator, has some sense…

It isn't the Nation's or community's business to whom one gives their heart to. And while I grant precious few can keep one spouse happy over the long term it is not society's place to deny recognition of consenting adult spice (e.g. mouse/mice, spouse/spice) to pursue their happiness.

Spice. I like that one. Having more than one lover can make things very spicy.
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