Saturday, August 28, 2010

Polygamy in Canada

A Canadian newspaper has published and article in which former residents of a polygamous community say the “polygamous way of life” is harmful.

Lorna Blackmore was 18 when she was forced to marry a man more than twice her age, despite the fact he already had a wife.

Now, to me, the problem here is someone is being forced to marry someone else, not that one person marries two or more people.

Truman Oler was just a boy when he was taught that girls were like "poison snakes," unfit to play with or even talk to.

Both Blackmore and Oler grew up in the polygamous southeastern British Columbia community of Bountiful and their experiences are chronicled in recently filed court documents.

The pair contend Bountiful condones a harmful way of life that gives men control over women and forces teenagers into marriage. Their affidavits are part of a B.C. Supreme Court case that will test Canada's law against polygamy.

Could this actually work to keep Canadians from having this freedom to marry? If so, I know many people who could file complaints about how they had a hellish life because of monogamy. Would that necessitate the outlawing of monogamy? Of course not.

Blackmore, now 67, said in the affidavit she was unhappy throughout the marriage, during which her husband married two more women.

I’m thinking should would have been unhappy being married to that man even if he never married anyone else.

Now 28, Oler said in his affidavit he grew up with some unique rules.

"The boys were taught not to interact with the girls and that the girls were to be treated like 'poison snakes,'" he said in the affidavit. "We were not allowed to talk or play with them."

Looks to me that the problem might have more to do with how that branch of FLDS is practicing their religion, not with polygamy itself. Thankfully, poly is also getting support in this case…

Karen Ann Detillieux, a resident of Lorette, Man., swore her own affidavit in support of the association.

She's married with two children, and has a second relationship with another man who lives in her home with his two teenage children.

"We wish to testify that multiple conjugal relationships are a viable option in a free society, specifically when the power of decision- making and freedom of sexual expression are evenly distributed among the individuals involved," she said in the affidavit.

"Our conscious intent in building our family relationships has resulted in a stable, loving and supportive home environment."
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