Monday, August 30, 2010

Another Pair Jailed For Consensual Sex

In Zimbabwe, a man turned in his wife and son for having sex with each other, and wife and son are going to jail for three years.

Shuvai Mudzingwa, 33, and 18-year-old son, Michael Tuesday were beginning a three-year jail term each after admitting incest before a Gweru magistrate.

Prosecuting, Chipo Matshe told the court that the two lovebirds’ illicit affair was unravelled after they became reckless – romping on occasions while her husband and Michael’s two siblings slept nearby.

I don’t condone cheating. However, I find this prosecution of consensual sex to be ridiculous. If this is the wife’s biological son, then she birthed him around the age of 15. That’s quite young. We don’t get the age of the husband in this report. I wonder why that is?

On July 11 this year, the court heard, Shuvai sneaked out of bed just after midnight – leaving her husband snoring away.

Shuvai, her husband, together with the son shared one bedroom which is only separated by a curtain stretched across the room.

Not the ideal conditions for monogamy.

While in the act, Michael’s father then woke up to the noises and as he started to shout at the wife and son asking why they were doing such a despicable thing tried to separate the two. According to the report which police are backing, Mudzingwa struggled to pull the two apart but this was impossible as they were virtually ‘glued’ to each other body to body.

The two then physically overpowered Mudzingwa forcing him out of the house and telling him to leave them alone, the report continues.

Feeling both shock and shame, Mudzingwa is said to have went away to work and did not come back. According to Midlands province Inspector Patrick Chademana, Mudzingwa later came back on the following night and found the two continuing in their incestuous acts.

Sounds like they are in love.

Shuvai admitted in court to sleeping with her son on four occasions. She said the sex sessions with her son started when her husband deserted her and vowed never to return.

Looks like there is a lot more to this story than we’re getting. If her husband did abandon her, then as far as I’m concerned, she should have been free to move on. But if he had abandoned her, he obviously came back. The crime, though, is apparently "incest" and not adultery. Regardless, I don’t see why this should be something from criminal courts to deal with.
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