Sunday, August 1, 2010

Abstract and Actual

In forums such as Yahoo Answers, you can find some gems and some stinkers. Quite often when it comes to questions about consanguineous, gay, or polyamorous sex, you’ll see bigots throwing stones from behind their computer screens.

As happens from time to time, someone posed the question “Why is incest illegal?” Some responses cited child abuse, even though it was a question about consenting adults.

Here are some samples of responses:

Because its against nature and disgusting to all human beings who are sane .the one thing the whole world agrees with , gentile or jew or Muslim

Ah yes. “It’s disgusting.” That’s what some people say about peas, but they aren’t banned.

A fear of deformities is usually given as the reason, although that's not really biologically valid. Ask any farmer how interbreeding is used to IMPROVE the breed.

Hey, some intelligence!

I think because there is a thin line between allowing incest and allowing bestiality, society has to draw the line somewhere and apparently incest is the line which we won't cross.

! ? ! Maybe that person sees their family members as nonhuman; otherwise, I don’t know where they get that.

I don't think it should be punishable, unless they have or intend to have children, but anyone who does do that kind of thing probably needs help, serious help.

Maybe you’re the one who needs help? You may have latent desire, given your hostility.

I'm certainly not advocating it though. For one thing it is disgusting. For the other it would result in a lot of family strife and family breakdowns. There are very good reasons why it is taboo in our culture!

But you didn’t cite any. Family strife and breakdown? As if there’s none of that going on when two unrelated people get together.

There is a legitimate state interest in protecting the stability of families. Incest tends to destabilize them.

What about divorce? Actually, from what I’ve seen and what I’ve heard from others, consanguineous love strengthens some families.

In the actual case, someone wrote about having sex with his sister

Im 19 and my sister is 23, we both live in the same apartment. today I saw my sister getting out of the shower and couldnt resist her. we both had feelings for each other in the past and this morning.. we actually did it. can i face legal charges?


Most responses were the standard bigoted and hurtful senseless remarks. But there was a good answer, too.

Talk to her. Find out how she feels about it - there's probably going to be a lot of guilt, yours and hers. But you should know this; that guilt is mostly because you think you are SUPPOSED to feel guilty.

Examine how you really feel about each other, and then try to plan out what you are going to do in the future. If you care about her, and you don't want to screw up her life, think carefully about going ahead, and the changes you are going to have to make in your lives.

Very good advice.
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