Tuesday, December 30, 2014

It Has Been a Great Year

It has been quite the year, with much good news again this year and some not-so-good news. There has been so much progress and other things of note that this blog literally hasn't been able to cover everything. This is, after all, a labor of love, and not only do I not ask for monetary donations or feature advertisements, but I wouldn't accept any monetary donations.

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State by state (and sometimes county by county) the limited same-gender freedom to marry has been sweeping the US. There's a good chance that in 2015 the US Supreme Court will move further towards equality, though of course we want to see the Court rule decisively for nationwide full marriage equality.

More countries are adopting the limited same-gender freedom to marry, which is a good step, and more places are adopting other protections for LGBT people. Serious strides against abuse, especially gender or sexual orientation-based abuse, are being made.

LGBT people have been coming out in areas of professional sports and entertainment (such as County music) there the closet door used to be tightly shut.

Polyamory continues to rise in visibility and more polyamorists are networking and coming out, and more media helpful for people considering or exploring or just wanting to know about polyamory continues to be made available, and hopefully rights and protections will follow.

While we're still seeing prosecutions, there has been small victories in courts for consanguineous lovers and for step relations, and decriminalizing consanguinamory in more places is being discussed more and more. Consaguinamorous themes continue to pop up in pop media.

Progress is definitely being made. We're going to make it happen. We're going to make much of the world safe for, and supportive of, all people regardless of their Gender, Sexuality, and Relationship Diversities (GSRD.)

May the next year be one of equality, love, happiness, health, and prosperity.

A Happy New Year to all!
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