Saturday, October 4, 2014

Here's a Negative Review of Happyland

We recently noted the premiere of the new show Happyland on MTV. If you've seen it, please comment with your thoughts. Here's a review by that was posted at

MTV’s latest attempt is Happyland, a comedy that desperately wants to tell a good story. Unfortunately, its writers just don’t know how to write one.

Hey, let's not pull any punches now.

Enter Ian Chandler (Shane Harper), who has an instant connection with Lucy (is there any other way for television teens to connect but instantly and in a single moment?). He is the perfect MTV love interest: blandly cute and blandly interesting with a bland secret (he is the owner’s son; everyone immediately finds out), and so on. They pose as prince and princess, he races her to her job interview, and the two end up kissing — which leads directly to the episode’s biggest reveal (and this isn’t a spoiler if you’ve read anything about the show): Ian and Lucy might be brother and sister.
And such is the possible Genetic Sexual Attraction angle.
But this hook isn’t just silly — it’s desperate.

Is there any way to incorporate the real element of GSA, which more and more people are experiencing, into a story without critics disliking it?
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