Sunday, December 21, 2014

An Advocate For at Least Trying Polyamory

University of Cambridge student Katt Parkins gives "5 Reasons Everyone Should Try Polyamory." I'm not someone who thinks everyone will be happier in polyamorous relationships. I do think some people are better off in monogamous relationships and others are better off in no relationship at all. But I did want to share this piece of encouragement anyway, so those considering the possibilities could see what someone else has to say about the positives of at least trying polyamory.

It is good that this started off with pointing out that polyamory can take many forms.

1. Expecting one person to fulfill all of your needs and to never change or grow is unfair 

I think some monogamists do have such a mindset, but others realize that one other person is not going to be everything to them and that other person will change and grow, and they just take that as part of the territory.

3. If you fall in love with more than one person, you are not a freak, and you might not have to choose

I think that is very, very important. You are not a freak if you are in love with more than one person.

Go read the rest if it interests you.

Again, nobody should do anything with their body they don't want to. But if the only reason you don't want to do something is some external pressure, well, maybe that should be questioned.
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