Saturday, October 6, 2012

Review of Play That Includes Sibling Experimentation

A theatre review at by reports that in Fireface...

Growing up is hard to do in Fireface

Alas. It is not to be, because what takes over our quirky coming-of-age drama is a dramatic story of pyromania and some sort of quest for our two teenagers to experience life through pushing boundaries (lighting fires, enjoying nearly getting burned alive). Kurt (Rupert Simonian) transforms from spotty, petulant teenage boy into crazed burner of buildings, sweeping his corruptible sister with him. There’s a gleefully hilarious incest story which derives its comedy from its very serious presentation about a frankly (we hope) ridiculous scenario where brother and sister explore sexuality a bit too closely together.
I can't speak to the specific scenario presented the play, but some siblings do experiment in life, and there's nothing wrong with that in and of itself, and nothing ridiculous about it. Any parent who thinks rationally about it instead of letting prejudices rule their mind would find pyromania in their teenagers much more concerning than those teenagers exploring their sexuality in a safe, known environment with someone they know and love.

Fireface is on at the Young Vic until the 20 October. Tickets £12.50
Theatre and media should reflect that reality that consanguinamory is a part of life for some people.
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