Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Place to Talk

Lately, it seems that I can't let a week go by without posting something from Kindred Spirits, which I consider the best forum to discuss consanguinamory. If there is a better one, I'm not aware of it.

Here is something a woman in her 20s. I have edited the typing errors. She wrote about her relationship with her brother, which didn't involve sex until they were adults, the trouble she got from one of their siblings who has some suspicions, and finding the forum...
Most psychologists say that it’s the genetic thing or mental illness or like a girl I know that’s gone back to sharing a house (as she said) with her dad when her marriage broke up after 5 years. But what we had wasn’t that. On one of the sites there were a few postings that sounded a bit like us... normal. In a few cases there was a posting about a sister and brother who loved each other. Other posters tried to get her to talk about times, places, who did what. Etc.... but all she kept posting was that she loved him (brother) in one of her postings there was the name of this site. I still don’t fully understand most of my feelings. And don’t talk about it with anyone... esp. not friends.
It's great that there is a place for siblings, parents and their adult children, aunts, uncles, nieces, and nephews, and even cousins to talk about their romantic, sexual, or spousal relationships among friends, supporters, and people who know what they are going through. If you sign up for the forum, be sure to read and follow the rules or you won't last very long.
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