Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Brothers and Sisters

Almost on a weekly basis, I find something at the Kindred Spirits forum I want to quote here. Kindred Spirits is my favorite forum for discussing consanguinamory, consanguineous relationships, and consensual sex (incest) between close relatives. The moderators run a tight ship, but it's a pleasure cruise if you stick to the rules and are interested in the subject matter (or a participant.) This is a place where pleasant, friendly people get together to talk about their lives, relationships, and partners, and in doing so, they demonstrate that they are the people you meet every day. They could be your neighbors. They are not some emotionally dysfunctional hermits; they are intelligent, warm, and quite often attractive, and many of them have a love and bond with their partners for which most people strive.

It is a travesty that most of them have to hide their love... hide from those who would demand their prosecution, from those who would fire them, from those who would disown them.

As one brother wrote...
my sister and I were left alone a lot because of my parents jobs. Mom worked 2nd shift at a hospital and dad was an over-the-road trucker. From the moment my sister was born, all I ever heard was "take care of [sister]". As she got older all she ever heard was "take care of brother". Needless to say we grew up being very close. Ours was a natural transition from siblings to lovers. Cherish your relationship. Embrace it. Enjoy it! Sissy and I have NO regrets and to this day, 40 years later, we are closer than any siblings I know.

In the same discussion, a woman I've quoted on this blog before added...
Our relationship was a bit different, even though i was the older of the two of us by a year and a few months, my brother always looked out for and took care of me, so as we grew older i naturally gravitated toward him, and started to see him as more than a brother and more as the man in my life, and wanted him to see me as the woman in his life, well we were hardly a man and woman, just teens, but i wanted/needed him to look at me as a woman, his woman, and his alone, going from siblings to lovers came pretty naturally to us, with a little from me of course
Some people can't stand their siblings. Some people hate their siblings, fight with their siblings their whole lives. Other people get along on some level with their siblings. And some people have a consanguinamorous, even spousal relationship with their siblings. In so many places in the world, it is perfectly legal to hate your sibling, shun your sibling, and never see your sibling, but in many places, it is still illegal to love your sibling in the way you both want, even though you are consenting adults. We need to change that sooner rather than later. Adults should not have to hide their love for each other.

Please note: If you sign up at Kindred Spirits, read and follow the rules or they'll kick you right out.
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  1. A sibling is special, someone you should be able to trust and who will care about you and look out for you. Some people, like me, have a VERY loving relationship with their sibling, and I wish that other people would try to understand and accept that.


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