Saturday, October 13, 2012

Reality at The Escapist

Discussions about youthful consanguineous experimentation and consanguinamory pop up in discussion forums of every sort. At, chinangel kicks off the thread with...
I have a question for The Escapist: what's your opinion on incest, and would you ever engage in it?

I am imagining this is going to turn into a flame war at some point, so hey! Let's add some fuel for that fire!

I personally have no problem with incest, whatsoever. I have a brother who I kind of crushed on when I was younger and did...stuff...with when I was younger and curious. So I really have no issues with it at all, and really can't understand what makes it 'squicky' to some.

So that's my view, your turn escapist
She's not alone, of course. A long discussion has followed. Many people spoke up as allies, and none of the anti-equality postings have invoked anything other than the usual Discredited Arguments.

So once again, we see a positive experience and no reason given as to why people shouldn't be free to be together.

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  1. Once again, it is great to see supportive people. We need to convince those that are against it that their arguments are tired and are no reason to keep loving people apart.



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