Thursday, October 6, 2016

We Get Letters From Nephews About Lifelong Romance

Anonymous commented on this entry and left us wanting to know more about his consanguinamorous relationship and his life in general. I didn't publish this comment in place because we try to avoid expletives on this blog, since some people already find the content controversial enough.
The following is my two cent's worth on this subject. At about the age of 21, I experimented with a relationship with one of my Mom's sisters to initiate a relationship with her. I was surprised to learn she had just as much interest in dating/loving me.
People get so nervous about making a move, and usually for good reason. But sometimes, they find out the feelings are mutual, or that after thinking about it, the other person realizes they would like to try taking the relationship in a new direction after all. These relationships happen more than people think.
She was 26 years older than I was, but we had such good chemistry together. she was very pretty and so much fun to be with.
Intergenerational relationships can be great. It's a matter of who is involved.

So I decided to approach her. Surprisingly for me, she immediately agreed to give it a try. Her position was even if it did not work out, then at least we gave it a try.
That's a good attitude.
The first time we kissed, I expected that to feel strange or weird. But it did not; we both enjoyed the kiss very much, and we progressed from that point to a full-fledged loving and very sexual relationship.
How sweet.
And we both just loved f---ing each other any chance we got.
And that's why I decided I couldn't publish the comment without an edit to obscure the expletive.
We did not go public about it, but we were pretty sure most if not all family members were aware of what was going on.
We support anyone who wants to come out, but we understand why people stay at least mostly closeted. But yeah, often surrounding family put it together. Some would prefer it remain unsaid, though, even if they'll joke about it behind the lovers' backs. Silent tolerance isn't as good as clear support, but is certainly better than rejection or ratting lovers out to be worked over by unjust laws.
A side note: my aunt had had her tubes tied after her third child was born and I had a vasectomy just for good measure.
What precautions against conception, if any, should be up to those involved.
Any time and every time we could get together, we did. My uncle, my aunt's husband, had died a few years earlier, and I was just graduated from college. We were such a good fit, emotionally and physically. I quickly came to a point that I did not want anybody else. My aunt also quickly made the same decision. She was just fun to be with and to take out on dates. We both kept up this loving relationship until she died at 74. I still miss her so much.
We're sorry for your loss, Anonymous, but glad you had such a beautiful relationship for so many years. It's outrageous that any place would have laws against such relationships or anyone outside the relationship would otherwise attempt to end it. There's no good reason for lovers like these to be denied their rights.

Anonymous, we'd love to hear more from you, so please feel free to comment further on this blog and to write me at fullmarriageequality at yahoo dot com. That also goes for anyone who has had similar experiences or has know someones who has.
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