Thursday, October 20, 2016

The More, the Better

The more and more places we see basic introductions to polyamory, the better, as long as they aren't erroneous. Here's another basic introduction by Genesis Napel at
Polyamory, or poly relationships, aren’t “swinging,” “open” or cheating.
Some polyamorous relationships are open. Some. Some are closed. Some are partially open, meaning one or more people in the relationship are open to new lovers, but not everyone in the relationship is. Some polyamorous people are involved in swinging.
Poly is consensual, honest and compassionate connections between three or more people in which all parties are informed of the relationship(s) status.
That's the bare bones explanation. It could be as simple as one person who is seeing two people, and those two people know each other exist and know they are dating the same person, even if those two (who are metamours) never meet.
It’s not about having more sexual partners, it’s about having more romantic connections.
Usually, yes, but it doesn't even have to be romantic, at least not in a traditional sense. It just has to be more than what people would consider "platonic" friends.
The notion that once you are in a relationship it becomes immoral to so much as bat eyes with another person is ludicrous.
In poly relationships the option is open to explore new connections outside of the one already engaged in.

Sometimes they explore new connections, sometimes they don't.
Poly relationships can take many different forms and the guidelines of each are decided by those involved.
That is very important. They are deciding for themselves and together, not letting someone else decide for them.
If you sleep with other people and you don’t tell your partner or its not part of your agreement, that’s cheating just like in any other relationship.

It's not a bad basic explanation.
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