Monday, March 21, 2016

Ridiculous Restrictions on Consanguineous Relationships in Literature

Should online suppliers of literature such as novels and short stories, including erotic stories, ban stories with these scenarios?

  • A man marries his half-sister, a woman so beautiful she is desired by a king. The man and his half-sister have a son together.
  • A king marries and older woman; they are unaware of their genetic relation as mother and son until later.
  • A husband, wife, their three sons and three daughters-law repopulate after a catastrophe, meaning first cousins and possibly closer relatives must have sex.
  • A man and woman are commanded by a deity to have sex to reproduce and populate a planet, meaning that siblings and possibly parents and adult children will be having sex with other and having children together.
  • A woman is attracted to a young man she doesn't realize is her grown son. She attempts to make out with him.
  • Two sisters get their father drunk and each have intercourse with him, and each get pregnant.
  • A young man is captivated by a video of his twin sister, saying out loud that she's beautiful. Later, they share a passionate kiss.
If those stories are to be banned, then we've just banned Abraham & Sarah (Genesis), Oedipus Rex, Noah and his family (Genesis), Adam & Eve (Genesis), "Back to the Future," Lot & his daughters (Genesis), and "Star Wars" Episodes VI and V.

And yet, there are sellers of literature who do ban consensual adult incest (consanguinamory). It's ridiculous, but that's how strong the prejudice against consanguinamory can be. I guarantee the revenue these businesses would gain from selling stories with consanguinamory would outweigh the revenue lost from anyone choosing to boycott as a result. It is not a good business decision for these media outlets. It's catering to the bigoted and uptight.

Whether the Bible, Greek mythology, or Game of Thrones, our stories have always had  consanguineous relationships because they've always been a part of life. Someone could not write an honest, inclusive depiction of some Egyptian or Hawaiian royalty (or many other historical figures) if consanguineous sex couldn't be described.

These businesses can be part of the problem of forcing people underground or they can be part of the solution to supporting the rights of all.

Speaking of being part of the solution, if you have of used to have an romantic or sexual relationship with a close relative, or know someone who has, I'm not afraid to tell the story and I will protect your identity.
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  1. I couldn't stop laughing as I read that list... and you know what REALLY makes me laugh, the fact that some of the bigots who would ban such stories if made in contemporary media do so on religious grounds, and would have to perform mental gymnastics to deny or explain away the incest in the Bible! These are the sort of people who would try to claim that Abraham and Sarah aren't actually blood related and would say that they were 'bro and sis in the faith' or some other kind of convoluted crappola when confronted with the blatantly obvious. Bigots never can come up with good arguments, so they compensate by trying to silence opposing views.


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