Saturday, March 12, 2016

Update on New Mexico Unjust Prosecution

New Mexico's public resources are continuing to be used to persecute consenting adults for exercising their freedom of association. Updating a situation that was covered here, Douglas Clark at writes...
A Clovis man and his mother, in court to answer incest charges on Friday, instead were taken into custody after the court determined they violated a no-contact order, which had been a condition of their release.
Caleb Peterson, 19, and his mother, Monica Mares, 36, were arraigned before Magistrate Court Judge Duane Castleberry. Mares was summoned to stand before Castleberry first, with Peterson requesting if the judge could address them jointly.
None of this should even be an issue! They are consenting adults!!! They obviously want to be together. Why try to stop them???
Peterson and Mares could each face up to three years in prison and a $5,000 fine if convicted of the incest charges.
They might be "guilty" of having sex with each other. That shouldn't be a crime. She didn't raise him. He was raised by another. adoptive family. Do we expect every cougar who has ever given a child up for adoption or donated an egg or embryo to do  a DNA test whenever she encounters a younger person, before affection commences?
During Friday’s arraignment proceedings, Peterson informed Castleberry he was not read his rights upon his arrest.
Does he even have any rights, if he's not allowed to love another consenting adult?

Here is Jane's post on this.

Please, Honorable Judge Duane Castleberry, toss this case out of court!
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  1. The not reading him his rights thing made me extra angry, they probably knew that an older adult would know their legal rights, a younger one maybe not. If anyone is guilty of anything it is the law for prosecuting them in the first place, and the officers who didn't read Caleb his rights. The whole thing makes my blood boil!


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