Friday, March 18, 2016

Seeking Attorneys Willing to Represent Consenting Adults

We are interested in collecting contact information of legal counsel, lawyers, and attorneys willing to assist consenting adults who face discrimination and prosecution for being together. Specifically, these would be adults who are closely related by consanguinity or affinity. Some of them would be people who were not raised together and may have birth certificates that do not indicate close relation to each other, yet they still face legal issues for being together.

We are looking for attorneys who specialize in family law, criminal defense, and/or civil rights. Wherever you are in the world, we want to hear from you.

This is not a solicitation to represent a specific client at this time. This is simply an effort to collect contact information for willing legal counsel. However, there is the potential to have a history-making test case as a result of giving us your contact information.

Here are examples of some of the common situations in which legal counsel may be needed...
  • Consenting adults facing criminal prosecution for privately having sex.
  • A biological-custodial parent facing removal of a minor child because of that parent's consensual sexual relationship with another adult.
  • A legal parent in a dispute over custody of/visitation with a minor child wherein the other parent is citing the first parent's consensual relationship with another adult as reason to deny custody/visitation.
  • Consenting adults in a long-term relationship seeking to legally marry, but being denied due to discriminatory laws (even in jurisdictions where they can legally cohabitate and have sex.)
  • An adult experiencing employment or housing discrimination because of a consensual relationship with another adult.

Day in and day out, there are people who live under the threat that someone will destroy their life  simply because they love another adult. If you are serious about being willing to help protect the rights of people who aren't harming anyone, please write us a fullmarriageequality at yahoo dot com with your contact information, where you can practice, and areas of law you practice.
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    1. Since you are Anonymous, I had no other way of communicating with you other than publishing the post. Write to me at fullmarriageequality at yahoo dot com if you want information.


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