Thursday, October 1, 2015

What Really Happened in Clinton, North Carolina?

Chris Berendt at has given a report that is woefully lacking in details, and I don't know if law enforcement or the news organization share the blame or if one is more at fault than the other.
A Clinton man has been arrested for having sex with a family member, actions alleged to have taken place “a couple years ago,” Clinton police investigators said.
"Having sex" implies this was consensual activity with an adult. Assault or child molestation isn't "having sex."

William Ashley Hines, 42, of [home address redacted], stands charged with incest and two counts of crime against nature.
"Crime against nature." What does that even mean? Consanguineous sex is not against nature.
“A family member turned over some internet communications with an individual he was having out-of-state,” Clinton Police Chief Jay Tilley said Tuesday. “From there we found out about an assault that occurred concerning (his family member).”
An assault is not "having sex." So which was it?
The Independent declines to release names or ages of victims in cases of a sexual nature. The nature of Hines’ relationship with the family member likewise will not released, as it would in no uncertain terms serve to disclose that person’s identity.
But they have no problem providing his home address, even though he hasn't been convicted.
Tilley said the investigation is still open and there could still be more charges brought in the case. The State Bureau of Investigation has seized Hines’ computer and is currently examining its contents.

“This is still an ongoing investigation,” Tilley stated.
If this was an assault or molestation, surely he could have been arrested under those charges?

If this was an assault, the news sources shouldn't be using the phrase "having sex."  And if he is guilty of an assault, he should be locked away in a very bad place for a very long time.

If this was consensual interaction with another adult, the police shouldn't be calling it an assault, and they shouldn't be involved at all.

So what really happened?

We don't really know. Given his age, it is entirely possible this was an adult child, or niece, or nephew, or sibling, or aunt, or uncle, or parent. Depending on the state, it could be a cousin. That the other person is out of state is a reminder that this could be a situation involving Genetic Sexual Attraction.We don't know if he's a dangerous person or a persecuted lover. We don't know because either law enforcement and/or journalists haven't provided that information, at least not through this report. Many news sources report on stories like this with enough information to clarify between assault and persecuted love without revealing identities. Too bad they all don't.
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  1. "Depending on the state, it could be a cousin."
    Yes, but not his state.


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