Thursday, October 29, 2015

Brazilian Triad Makes News

We're getting more indication that Brazil may lead the way to full marriage equality. We've written about this possibility before. More recent developments are noted by in this article at about a polyamorous triad.

Las tres novias que desafían el modelo de ‘familia tradicional brasileña’
Polygamous marriage has been featured in a Brazilian soap opera / 'Avenida Brasil' / tv globo

A businesswoman, a female dentist and a female administrative manager have managed to turn the idea of a traditional Brazilian family on its head, after recently making their relationship official before a notary in Rio de Janeiro.

“We are a family and our union is the product of our love for one another,” said the businesswoman in an interview with the O Globo daily.

Good for them! Congratulations!

“I am going to get pregnant and we are preparing for this, including looking at it in financial terms. This legalization [of the union] is a way to prevent the baby, and us, from being left unprotected by the law,” one of the three brides told the press.
So they are thinking ahead. We could use more of that!
Brazil’s top courts have not ruled on the legality of these types of plural unions, so each case is based on decisions made by local authorities.
It would be nice if the matter was clearly established nationwide sooner rather than later.
In Rio, a regular congress has been held throughout the years – entitled Poliencontro – where polygamy and its effects on society are discussed and events organized for the public. A popular telenovela (soap opera) in Brazil has also featured a polygamous wedding between three women.
Since 2000, Freitas has registered scores of gay partnerships, even before they were officially legalized by the Supreme Court. She said that she had waited for years “with anxiety” so that she could finally register a trio in her notary office.
Nobody should have to wait any longer.
According to the last figures compiled in 2013 by the Brazilian Geographic and Statistics Institute (IBEG), new types of families (single mothers, fathers raising their children alone, childless couples and same-sex partnerships) account for 56.1% of Brazilian households.
"New types of families?" I hope that's just bad translation. Families like this have always existed.

So now we'll see if Brazil will beat other countries to full marriage equality. National leaders around the world should step up and remove the foul chains of bigotry as soon as possible. There is no good reason to delay. Meanwhile, we wish these women all happiness in their life together and congratulate them on their polyamorous home.
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  1. "New types of families?"

    I'm sure the author meant our new notions of what constitutes a family, rather than new TYPES of families. There's no denying that our definition of the nuclear family has indeed broadened over the last several decades -- by such parameters as the number of parents, the sexes and genders of the parents or cohabitants, the marital status of the partners, and the number of children, if any.

    Incidentally, this month the Vatican held its second Synod of Bishops on the family, where this very subject was discussed at length.

  2. Hello Mr. Keith, greetings,

    OK, I'm from Brazil, living in the Central-Weast Region. I checked your sources and the three anonymous women are OK for me, but about the telenovela ones, I remember Avenida Brazil very well, those three women were not going to get married and never did. Their story is that a same man (Cadinho) who was married to the middle one in the pic (actress Débora Bloch). And they all don't have a clue he's cheating on them with eachother. But in the the end (after a long sotry) they all marry with Cadinho. So, the case was poligamy. They distorted it all. And, no, with all the thing of religion wanting to rule the country and the scandal of "heterophobia" they made up, I don't think Brazil will lead sh*t with marriage equality. But I wish it would...

    Keep safe!

    1. I totally understand you're feeling. I've heard of all the reactionary backlash against non-conforming individuals, the tortures, the murders, the creepy fascist politicians. But you usually only get a backlash that strong when things are really changing. Brazil had national same-sex marriage before the US, and half-sibling and avuncular marriage are both legal (with some approval) in Brazil. This is also the second time in just a few years that a polyamorous triad has attempted to get a marriage license. That's way more than in the US or France, I'll tell you that. Have some hope. The world is a complicated and sometimes amazing place.


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