Friday, December 28, 2018

Myth: Genetic Sexual Attraction is Just a Fancy Way of Saying Incest

Reality: First of all, Genetic Attraction or Genetic Sexual Attraction (GSA) describes an attraction, not an action, and incest is an action. So GSA is not an synonym for incest.

Not all GSA situations involve sex. However, even when it does involve sex, by definition the people involved in reunion GSA were not raised together or by one another, so were not socialized and bonded as family while growing up.

It might be classified as incest in law and biologically, but it isn’t incestuous socially.

Reunion GSA describes a specific experience that does not involve people who have been socialized as family; sex may or may not be involved.

Consider a hypothetical situation.

See Myth: GSA Doesn't Exist or is Very Rare
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  1. What I don't understand is why people have such a hard time understanding things. Incest = sexual relationship.GZA = attraction. Attraction does not equal sex. It's insane. Who in their right mind would think they are equal.

  2. I read your post. Even the what if scenario. I will be honest. I don't care. I would tell my husband because he has a right to know but I wouldn't care on my part. I think I'm in the minority. I lived long enough to not care what others think about me. And I'm not going to hide or pretend who I am. The fact is I love people and I'm going to continue to love people. And if people don't like it. Too bad. If I get out Ted and go to jail then so be it. Be true to yourself. That's what I believe. I only have 1 life on this blue ball and I'm going to live it to the full.

  3. It's called love. That' not incest or gsa or anything else. Why is that so hard to understand. The problem is people don't understand what love is.

    1. why some people understand what love is but almost all people are not aware of the true meaning of love.


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