Monday, October 26, 2015

Things May Get Better in Ireland But Still Are Bad in UAE

David Quinn writes at that things might continue to get better in Ireland.
Justice Minister, Frances Fitzgerald, has signaled her willingness, in light of the passage of the Bill allowing for same-sex marriage, to alter the “prohibited degrees of relationship” that currently bar people marrying those who are considered too closely related.
This raises the prospect of relationships until now considered too incestuous being permitted.
Great news!
Minister Fitzgerald responded: “Senator Norris raised the issue of prohibited degrees of relationship. The Department of Justice and Equality and the Department of Social Protection are currently considering a review of prohibited degrees of relationship based on affinity and the prohibitions based on familial relationships by marriage. I agree with Senator Norris that some should be reviewed and we will look at that. I would add that the prohibited degrees are not exclusively about genetics but about power disparity or abuse within families."
I would refer her to Discredited Arguments #18 & 20.

Ireland should do this. First cousins are already free to marry, so this would be closer relationships of affinity and consanguinamory.

Meanwhile, in Abu Dhabi, reports...

An Abu Dhabi court sentenced a man and his half-sister to six years in prison after they were found guilty of marrying and forging official documents.
The forgery would not have happened if there weren't absurd laws denying the right to marry.
The unnamed man, appealing the verdict, denied having any affair with his sister and told court that they married in an Asian country so he could bring her to the UAE.
Whatever the case, they should've been free to be legally married in UAE.
Police arrested the couple after their mother reported their marriage and told court later that her son and his sister are living in Abu Dhabi as “husband and wife”.
Well, they were. Ratted out by a family member. Don't do that.
The semi-official daily ‘Al Ittihad’ said the mother decided to report the couple after her son kicked her out of home.
Ah, so it was revenge? That's too bad. I wonder if this is a Genetic Sexual Attraction case?
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