Monday, August 28, 2017

Aunts and Nephews

More days than not, someone finds this blog by doing a search on something like...

incest, aunt nephew, how common
Is it incest to have sex with your aunt
Do aunts and nephews have sex
I’m in love with my aunt
Can an aunt marry her nephew

You get the idea. People are searching for information on aunts and nephews having a romantic or erotic connection or marrying. At least some of them are very likely to be aunts who are having sex or want to have sex with a nephew and vice-versa. It is a not-so-distant runner-up to searches about siblings having sex or marrying. Keep in mind that much of this entry also applies to aunts and nieces, and to uncles and nieces and uncles and nephews.

Around these parts, an “aunt” can be:
  • A mother’s or father’s or grandmother’s or grandfather’s  sister
  • A wife or partner or girlfriend of a mother or father’s sibling.
  • A cousin once-removed or of some other degree who is old enough to be from the an older generation
  • A family friend or friend of a mother or father

In the last category, it is an informal and honorary title.

Note that if a woman is an aunt because she is a sibling to your stepparent or a stepgrandparent, there’s likely no close genetic relation, and the same is likely the case if adoption was somehow involved, meaning your parent and your aunt are adopted siblings to each other. An “aunt” who is actually a cousin of some sort is likely distant enough to legally marry or to have sex with without threats of interference from law enforcement.

And, of course, if someone is an aunt by partnering with or marrying your blood relative, then she likely isn’t a close genetic relative.

Regardless of distance of genetic relation, an aunt and nephew getting together may be considered incestuous in the social sense and, depending on where you are, in the criminal sense as well. The concerns people have about adult intergenerational relationships may also come into play. If you’re at all familiar with this blog, you have seen that we think such stigmas and laws should be done away with.

However, there’s still the concern of cheating. If she is your aunt because she is in a relationship with your uncle or aunt, do they have a negotiated polyamorous relationship? Or if she is your genetic relation and she is partnered, is their relationship polyamorous or not? The same concerns apply to whatever relationship the nephew may be in.

I suppose there are many reasons why this is such a popular search, or, in other words, why aunts are interested in their nephews and nephews are interested in their aunts, in addition to what makes consanguinamory in general appealing to some people. It doesn’t seem to be as taboo as siblings getting together or an adult child and their parent, and perhaps an aunt is almost a maternal or sibling surrogate. As always, I’m talking about adults, or minors close in age to each other. Not all aunts are much older than their nephews. Some are about the same age or even younger. When an aunt is a sibling to a parent.I suppose consanguinamory is more common if the aunt is a parent’s younger sister rather than an older one, simply because that places the aunt closer in age to the nephew. Aunts often provide reassurance, support, love, guidance, and are more likely to flirt with their nephews without the same social disapproval as would be more common if the flirtations came from a parent. So an aunt can play somewhat of a maternal or big-sister role but without the disciplinarian or rivalry aspect. An aunt can take her nephew out for the day without raising concerns. They can be fun!

As for nephews, when an aunt is the father’s sister, a nephew may remind her of good times she had with his father, or wish she’d had.

It is possible that some of the people doing such searches are parents or other family members who either know or suspect something is going on between an aunt and nephew, and if so, they should definitely read this.

It is also of note that if a nephew reached puberty without the aunt being much of a presence in his life before then due, perhaps, to living out of town, then the factors involved in Genetic Sexual Attraction could very well be in play.

Finally, if you’re an aunt or nephew (or uncle or niece) who has some experience of this short (or would like to), you are encouraged to write an email to fullmarriageequality at yahoo dot com.

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  1. Hi a friend of mine has had sex with their ex husbands nephew is this illegal as she was his aunty through marriage please help she is very worried

    1. Please write me at fullmarriageequality at yahoo dot com and perhaps I can help.

  2. related by blood (person sibling to parent) can marry (kid of said parent) in Norway at least

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    1. What on earth was that? I would like to have what he is having.

    2. Wow... somebody should lay off the weed.

      On a serious note, Good article again Keith, good read :)

    3. What Was He Talking About? And People Say I Need Help. Someone Needs To Lay Off The Battery Acid! That Is The Type Of Christian We Don't Need People Like That Brought About The Spainish Inquestion. If You're In Love And If You Can't Help Who You Fall In Love With. Then It Can't Be Helped That I Fell In Love With My Aunt, And She With Me, So Sine We Were In Love We Wanted To Marry But Because Of Narrow Mindedness We Couldn't And Before She Died Our Feelings Never Changed. I'm Still In Love With Her.

  4. Here in Norway uncle niece aunt nephew and cousins are legal to marry. I used to be in a kinda fool around relationship with one of my nieces for some years from when we were young until she broke it off. I am in love with her and one off my other nieces her cousin

  5. I'm currently in an active sexual relationship with my nephew. We aren't blood or marriage related. His mom and I are best friends and I helped raise him. The last time I saw him he was 11, we reunited now that he's 18 approaching 19. I'm 34. The attraction was instant and mutual. I feel like I am betraying my friend however, the amount of enjoyment and satisfaction I get from this guy is worth the risk. I think she suspects we're intimate but there's no proof. Her boyfriend is quite jealous that I don't look in his direction and tried to out nephew and I... Good luck, we both deny until we die! I don't want to stop, and neither does he. Any thoughts?

    1. Congratulations and good for you!

      Yeah, denying it and keeping quiet for now is probably the best thing, if you get outed she may need some time to cool down. After that, she might realize that you love him and her son is literally in good hands.

      I've been meaning to write about these kinds of situations and maybe I'll finally do that. You can always write me at fullmarriageequality at yahoo dot com or you can elaborate here on how this all came about and what it is like.

    2. Congratulations! I'm sorry about your best friend's boyfriend anon. Having a man be THAT jealous is horrible and can be terrifying. I'm also sorry for your best friend too if she learns about it, since learning that her boyfriend is hounding you relentlessly when you've declined is going to piss her off at him.
      Maybe you can hypothetically discuss consensual adult intergenerational & "incest" (in quotes since the both of you aren't genetically or legally related) relationships to try and find out where any objections she may have are coming from and then figure how to proceed from there? One thing could be the abuse narrative she may or may not have in her head because of (especially in the U.S, I know these issues exist in other countries but won't speak on that since I grew up in the states & so feel more comfortable/I'd be more accurate speaking about it with a U.S context in mind), sociological/cultural/legal mores that make it more likely for abuse to occur & occur w/out or w/ lax punishments. If the abuse narrative is the case emphasize in the coversation about that the consensuality of those relationships. It could be "He's not a little kid anymore & has actually shown that he's a competent adult who can handle himself..." or "The person I saw/overhead/spoke w/ about these adult intergenerational relationships told me they're in one and from what they said & from what I could see they'd have no interest in their partner if they were immature and couldn't functioned as a competent adult. They don't want a someone to mold into the their ideal partner from adolescence to adulthood..."

    3. Wow, thanks for your words. Our relationship is still going strong. I do love him, he loves me too. We've cooled down on the sex and are just spending time bonding. We're best friends! I'm in the process of moving back home and so I have no idea where that will leave us... As far as my sister's man, he knows not to make any advances. He's definitely jealous of an 18 year old who's managed to have the chance to be with a woman like me. He overheard is having sex one morning, I know he was listening.

  6. This was a great article! I'm always looking for new reads on this topic. I've actually spoken to you Keith through Facebook regarding my situation but I'll explain it for everyone on here.. I'm 23 years old and I'm in a fully committed relationship with my aunt (or possibility could be half aunt) I grew up in the states and never was raised around her nor did we have any contact. She has left her husband for me (she was in an abusive marriage) and that was the main reason to how we bonded so strongly. Although our relationship is hidden some family have a fair idea we believe. Since we talked Keith my mother now knows 100% I confessed to her. She thinks the age difference is not so good as well as the relative issue. (My girlfriend is 41 but does not look it and has a very young spirit) my girlfriend has also opened up about us to her rape counselor which I suggested she do to get advice and get it off her chest. I've now moved to the country she lives in to be with her... we are open in public about being together where we know family members won't be around and we are very happy.. although the pretending around cousins (her kids) and others is getting to her. I want this just as much as she does but we're stuck in this pickle at the moment... just to note another thing.. we are Polynesian in saying that it is known for second, third, fourth degree relatives to be with each other but I don't think it's looked at in a good way. Tried researching it.. but my aunt tells me it happens a lot. I would love some advice!


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