Saturday, November 22, 2014

A Relevant Question at GirlsAskGuys

Topics relevant to this blog get discussed at Don't let the name fool you. Anyone can answer the questions and anyone can ask them, too. Someone anonymous, now between the ages of 18 and 24, asked this...
so obviously i can't go into much detail about this but basically no penetration and it was... my own brother

i was less than 10 years old and so was he but he was too curious about the female body, but like i said no penetration

i didn't fully understand at the time what was going on at the time, but i knew it was wrong.

my question is, how does incest (or something close to it) affect you later on in life? (im still a virgin btw, i mean how does it affect you psychologically, socially... etc)
and can the damage (if any) be reversed?

im repulsed by it, but i dont feel like its affecting me right now... actually I don't know how i feel at all..

and no im not that catfish, thats why i didn't go into details, i just want some answers because i dont have anyone to talk to about this and i can't go to a psychologist. thank you 
Per my questions, she clarified...
i can't remember exactly but less than 10 years old and there's a year age difference between us
and no wasn't forced or anything
With only a year's age difference and no coercion, this is what most therapists would call exploration, not abuse. She didn't say if her brother seemed maladjusted (I would think she would have) but obviously it is something that has troubled her, but that's likely to external shaming.

It had been bothering and she was relieved to find out it shouldn't...
and honestly its such a huge reliefe lol it wasn't really affecting me and i thought maybe that was bad and it should lol im glad it really is nothing
One guy lied...
Unfortunately men can smell incest on a woman a mile away. Looks like you're going to be alone for life.
What a horrible answer. It isn't true. As someone explained about that guy...
This one user is trying to make anon a thing of the past with a multiple account I think. He posts as much hate as he can so others think anons are all pricks. I can't think of any other reason.
There's always a hater somewhere, isn't there?

Kids experiment and explore. This has gone on as long as people have been around. If they are close in age and nobody is coercing anybody, it isn't a problem. Shaming normal curiosity and play is what is damaging. Most kids move on, grow up, and have relationships with others. A few develop lifelong romances with their sibling, and some have some other arrangement.
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