Saturday, November 29, 2014

Another Brother Leaves a Comment

Anonymous left a comment at the end on one of our FAQ postings, the one about how common it is for people to have consanguinamorous experiences.

It's another example of how siblings can be kind and loving to each other, instead of being rivals and fighting or ignoring each others or being abusive towards each other.

It gets a little explicit so I'm putting a break here.

My sister [Tina] and I have a minimal history of experimentation while growing up. We sometimes would interact by humoring ourselves with 'nasty' jokes and games of truth-and-dare that would leave us stripped to our undershorts. As we grew more sexually aware, then peeking on one another while bathing/dressing became more common. At one point I walked in (with full erection) and briefly joined her while showering. Startled but not scared, we stood together under the water without speaking for a few minutes, looking intently at each other up and down before she said "your turn" and got out.

The sparse patch of pubic hair and small, pointed breast buds of her developing body was my first real exposure to the female form and the mental image of her naked body fueled my imagination many times during my early days of sexual recognition and masturbation. It wasn't untill later on in life that we ever talked about our mild escapades with each other; a seemingly awkward subject became a happy reflection of our growing up together. My sister and I realised that we shared equal fantasies while masturbating and we now playfully consider each other as our "first" sex partner.

And as noted before, isn't it better their first partner was someone they loved and could trust, than someone at school or around town who didn't really care about them?

We found ourselves sharing the same views questioning social conviction and find it odd that most "normal" relationships have fewer reasons to be consummated sexually than does a sibling relationship where love and trust usually run much deeper. Sex should be employed responsibly regardless of who your partner is. In light of this rational,we have re-discovered the pleasures of our past. We had engaged a few times in short oral sex encounters during holiday get-togethers over the years but more recently we have had full sex and now plan on getting together more frequently.

We wish them well and would love to hear from them more. Here we have a situation where there was some experimentation earlier that is fairly common between sibling, but they went on to be socially independent of each other, and now they have come back together as experienced, mature adults. Shouldn't adults be free to make these choices? And if they would want to marry, shouldn't they be free to marry? There's no good reason why they shouldn't be free to be together or to marry.
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