Thursday, November 13, 2014

Even More Kardashian Controversy

Our apologies if you don't want to read about the Kardashians. We have noted before, including recently, that the Kardashians continue to flirt with consanguinamorous themes and the genre of media following them continues to make a big deal about it. [Bumping up because they're doing this again.]

For example, see this report with the headline "Incestuous Kardashian kiss!"...

Copy of Copy of EPA Kardashian Tweet
Evan Agostini/Invision/AP
Kim Kardashian

Brody Jenner claims that his brother Brandon Jenner and stepsister Kim Kardashian once shared a kiss. 

Brody and Brandon Jenner are stepbrothers to
Kim Kardashian, so it wouldn't be incestuous in the biological sense.
The 30-year-old reality star blurted out the shocking news during episode of 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' after he was being teased for seeing Kim pose in a barely-there outfit.
Kim's mother Kris Jenner said: "I feel like Brody is crushing on Kim. I think you've had a crush since you were seven years old."
That wouldn't be unusual. It happens with stepsiblings all of the time.

Brody denied the suggestions and was quick to hit back with a surprising accusation of his own, turning the heat on his elder brother Brandon.
Pointing to his sibling, he said: "That was him and Kim! You're forgetting that. They kissed back in the day."
Yes, stepsiblings have crushes, infatuations, love, kisses, and more. I'd like to see television shows stop treating this subject like it is some sort of strange or shameful thing.
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