Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Kardashians Continue Consanguinamory Themes

We've mentioned the Kardashians before (see here). If you don't already know, I will try to make this simple. The Kardashians are a well-off American family who have had several "reality television" shows that have consisted of following the Kardashians around. Also, they are tabloid gossip fodder and there have been some elaborate high-profile weddings and a very short marriage or two involving National Basketball Association players and pop music stars. The original patriarch of the family was attorney Robert (not to be confused with his son by the same name), who passed away after helping to successfully defend his friend O.J. Simpson against double murder charges. Olympic track & field gold medalist Bruce Jenner married the same woman Robert had (not at the same time... we're not talking bigamy here.) What seemed to launch the younger Kardashians' fame was a homemade "sex tape" involving one of them.

OK, I spent way too much time and space on that. But there you go.

I bring them up again because some of them continue to invoke themes of consanguineous sex in their public communication. See this recent bit at by , who was so disgusted that she just had to write about it.    

Rob and Khloe Kardashian being interviewed for Extra in Los Angeles April 2011 

I have a question. How many times do Rob and Khloe Kardashian have to joke about having sex with each other until it becomes funny? And when you find the answer, could you let Rob and Khloe know? Because they seem pretty determined to keep on doing it forever and ever no matter how uncomfortable it makes everyone else.

Just to make sure we’re all on the same page, Rob and Khloe are siblings. Full ones, presumably, meaning that barring any more revelations from Kris Jenner about whether she did or didn’t sleep with O.J. Simpson nine months before Khloe was born, we can presume that both children were made by the same sperms and came out of the same womb. Brother and sister. Try to hold that fact in your brain as you read the series of tweets that the two of them exchanged yesterday. (Just not too tightly because ew.)
Rhiannon goes on to quote tweets and again express her disgust. There are many people who've had sex with a sibling. (I shouldn't have to say it: sex means consensual. Otherwise it is not sex, it is assault or abuse.) One of the last things they need is another person in the media expressing their disgust about it.

If I had to guess, it would be that there's nothing going on between Rob and Khloe. They are doing this for attention because it gets written about on websites. Most people who are involved in consanguinamory hide that fact because of all of the bigotry, some of it codified in law. It's a sure thing that there are celebrities who are, or have been, involved with a sibling. Hopefully, sooner rather than later, a respected celebrity will be free to talk honestly about their ongoing love or their positive experiences without being persecuted for doing so. There is no good reason why anyone should have to hide such love.

If you have been involved, whether you're a celebrity or not, know that you're not alone. I, and others, are willing to listen to your troubles, fears, hopes, and successes in your love and to support you.
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