Sunday, September 29, 2013

We Get Letters

We like to get comments on this blog. Sometimes we get such compelling and well-argued statements  like this:
You people are f----ed in the head
With such articulate statements like that, we know that full marriage equality will happen. Because there is no good argument against it.

In response to a posting about a sad search, this uplifting comment was left...
That's so sad, wow. :/
Just another reason I feel blessed with fortune to have such a wonderful union with my Dad.
I hope that they find a good resolution to their dilemma...that really is heart-wrenching.
Finally, someone left this comment after my response to the frequently asked question, "Why is incest illegal?"
I have also been in an incestuous relationship with my younger sister. ( only three years) and I also don't feel it is wrong enough to be criminalized, but her family has drove us apart ( half siblings). I'm glad there are others that think the same way I do, but I doubt I'll ever get my sister back unless things change quickly. I appreciate what you have done with this post and I hope that in time things will change for later generations so that they don't have to live in my pain. Thank you again for this article. It has given me more respect and hope for the human race. 
It's nice to know this blog is helping people.

We welcome comments, feedback, submissions, and suggestions.

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  1. That first link you posted, jeepers Batman.
    I've never seen so much bigotry concentrated into one place.

    Its all fun and games to point fingers at the minority until you become one and you can't do something as simple as kiss someone in public.
    This is very real and it affects REAL people negatively....think about that before you yank a person's pursuit of happiness away from them.


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