Saturday, September 7, 2013

Marriage of GSA Couple Annulled

reports at that a marriage has been annulled and there is a new call for changes in adoption regulations in the UK.
In an incredibly rare twist of fate, a married couple in the UK have had their marriage annulled after discovering that they were in fact twins separated at birth. The pair apparently had no idea they were related, though felt an “inevitable attraction” that brought them together.

That's called Genetic Sexual Attraction, and even when people are aware of their genetic relation and GSA, it can still happen.
According to a peer addressing the House of Lords, the case highlights the importance of ensuring all adopted children have access to the details of their biological parents.

The twins at the center of the case have chosen to keep their identities hidden.
There's still much prejudice.
Speaking with the BBC in the UK, the peer spoke of the dangers associated with hiding a person’s identity over the long term. 

“If you start trying to conceal someone’s identity, sooner or later the truth will out,” the peer told the BBC.

“And if you don’t know you are biologically related to someone, you may become attracted to them and tragedies like this may occur.”
Like I said, some people experience GSA even if they know. You can read about some here.
No additional details have been made public about the couple’s future intent, though to continue the relationship even at such a stage would be in violation of UK law.
There are so many questions left unanswered by this report.

Did they have children, and how are those children? Most children born into such situations are healthy, despite myths. My guess is that if there had been children, that would have been mentioned.

Did this couple WANT their marriage annulled? I understand that the law makes it happen, stupidly, regardless of what they want. So for all we know they are still together and did not want their marriage annulled.

It is ridiculous to criminalize consensual relationships between adults, and to deny them the freedom to marry.

Imagine finding someone who makes you so happy and you marry, only to have it all taken away from you. And for what? There's no good reason. An adult, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, or religion, should be free to share love, sex, residence, and marriage with ANY and ALL consenting adults, without fear of prosecution, bullying, or discrimination.
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  1. That`s cruel, how anyone can just go force other people apart? That reminds me of Resistance from Muse, I wish them courage.

    Love is our resistance
    They'll keep us apart they wont stop breaking us down
    Hold me
    Our lips must always be sealed

    If we live our life in fear
    I'll wait a thousand years
    Just to see you smile again
    Kill the prayers for love and peace
    You'll wake the thought police
    We can't hide the truth inside

    It could be wrong
    Could be wrong
    But it should've been right

  2. Old story, maybe false.

  3. '...and tragedies like this may occur.'

    Tragedies. Why tragedies?
    The only tragedy is that the law tore a happy family apart based upon a victimless crime.


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