Sunday, September 15, 2013

TLC to Showcase Another Polygynous Family

TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT. I'm happy TLC is doing this, and I hope they feature other forms of polygamy and polyamory in the future. In the minds of a lot of people, if it isn't monogamy, it's polygyny, but that's not reality. Scott D. Pierce reports at

"My Five Wives," featuring Brady Williams, his wives Paulie, Robyn, Rosemary, Nonie, Rhonda and their 24 children, debuts Sunday, Sept. 15, on TLC. It's essentially a pilot for a possible series.

I hope it is good, giving another positive look at ethical nonmonogamy, and that it catches on with viewers.
The Williams are described as a "big, loving, progressive polygamous family ... who all live together on their large family property outside Salt Lake City."

These aren't your average polygamists, however. Brady is an ex-Mormon, but this group isn't particularly religious, we're led to believe.

"Believing in equality for everyone and a God who loves and accepts all, the Williams family emphasize that their choice to be together is more about their mutual love and commitment than it is about religion," according to TLC. "Though their beliefs and their decision to leave their church have led them to be shunned by their community and estranged from many family members, the Williams believe their sacrifices are worth it."

Do they really support full marriage equality? That would be sweet.

If you read the story, these are not fleeting made-for-TV relationships, but ones that have endured many years. There's no good reason why they shouldn't be free to be together and to marry.

What do you think? Will you watch?
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