Tuesday, September 3, 2013

We Get Letters

This blog welcomes comments and people are also encouraged to contact me via email. Here are a few recent comments I wanted to bring to your attention because they are remarkable.

Anonymous left a comment after the FAQ entry responding to the question, “How Common is Consensual Incest?”

I just want to say that my sister and I have been having regular sex for about 10 years now. We don't see anything wrong with it. If two people are attracted and in love then it should not matter if they are related.

I couldn’t agree more, other than making it clear that it doesn’t have to be limited to two.

Anonymous left a comment after “Ignorance Huts When it Comes to Consanguineous Impregnation”

There is so much ignorance and blatantly false information out there regarding this subject. I believe that the 'danger' is nowhere near as bad as many people claim. I personally have chatted with some people who have done this, and they reported no problems. Love between people and the birth of a child are things to be celebrated, even when it's between consenting relatives.

Again, agreed. Here’s something I wrote more recently.

Anonymous left comment after “There’s a Difference Between Love and Abuse”

There are other differences in terms, apart from "love and abuse," which are often misunderstood. My sister and I had an intimate relationship for 3 years whilst sharing an apartment attending the same out of town university. It was consensual, fulfilled in both our physical and emotional needs, and neither regret it. We do not come from a dysfunctional family, and only started making love after leaving school.

For us we never had "sex" and certainly never fu**ed each other. We made love to each other, making certain to prevent and unwanted pregnancy. For both of us it was the most natural thing to do.

Before making love the first time, we discussed and debated the issue at length. Eventually we realized that we regarded each other as the ideal partner, and that only societal prejudices and legal obstacles prevented us from doing what we regarded as natural and a logical step in our fraternal relationship. We decided to try it once, and should either have any qualms afterwards, that we would not do it again. As it happened, it was the start of a loving three year relationship, which only came to an end when we completed our studies and moved to different cities.

For us, it always will be "making love" and not having sex. Of course the "taboo" aspect was a factor, and being physically unified with your sister is the ultimate form of fraternal love. Siblings can never be closer.....

What may or may not have been the same Anonymous let a comment moments later after the entry “Why I Prefer the Term ‘Consanguineous.’”

The word "neocest" has been proposed for a sexual relationship between two people who are biologically related closer that the law allows, but who's relationship is consensual, both are adults, and who make love with each other (as opposed to having sex with each other). Google the word "neocest" and get a story with which I am intimately familiar....

“Neocest” certainly is shorter than consanguinamorous, although there’s nothing “new” about consensual incest.

A Not Safe For Work story I found when I did the search, which matches the comments, is here.

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