Monday, September 16, 2013

Did You Watch the TLC Special?

The possible pilot for a new series featuring the Williams, a polygnous family, aired on TLC last night here in the US. Did you watch? Do you have any comments? Scott D. Pierce had an article ahead of time at

"It’s not an easy lifestyle to live," said Robyn Williams, Wife No. 2 to Brady.
Brady, Robyn, Wife No. 1 Paulie, Wife No. 3 Rosemary, Wife No. 4 Nonie, Wife No. 5 Rhonda and their children are the stars of "My Five Wives," an hourlong special that’s also the pilot for a potential series on cable channel TLC.
 It’s no surprise that the story of the Williamses, who live in central Utah, is reminiscent of "Sister Wives," TLC’s series about Kody Brown and his four wives. Like the Browns, the Williamses are hoping that putting themselves on TV will make the public more accepting of polygamy.
I hope so, too. I also hope other forms of polygamy and polyamory will be included in television shows.
"Sure, it’s scary," Brady said. "But it’s important to stand up for what’s right. And it’s right to allow consenting adults who are well-adjusted and not coerced to be able to share their lives and raise their children in a stable and loving environment."

The Williamses have never hidden the fact that they’re polygamists. Their employers and business associates know. Their kids’ friends and teachers know.

I'm not fond of the term "reality show" because it is nearly impossible to fully depict reality on a television show. But if shows like this open minds, then I'm happy for that.
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