Thursday, September 19, 2013

His Mother Fell For Two Brothers

Someone named Thomas had a question/complaint at a certain Big Internet Portal's question-and-answer service. I would have answered his question directly, but the flaws of how the system there is set up allowed (what was probably) one person who simply didn't like my opinions to get me banned from participating. Anyway, here's what Thomas wrote...
Why did my mom get pregnant to two brothers?
My guess? Because she had sex with them without using contraception effectively. I know, I know, that's not really what he's asking...
She had me with my dad. Then slept with my dads brother and got pregnant to him 2 years after I was born, and had my sister. She wasn't married to either. They were just casual things. But could she not have picked guys who weren't related? It causes so many problems within our family because she has sex with them (seperately) sometimes. Its embarrassing when people work out that my sister and I are cousins as well as siblings. Even though its not incest they act like it is. Why is she such a ho with no consideration for her son and daughter? What makes it worse is that I see my uncle as more of a dad to me than my actual father and I wish he was. Its a messed up situation all round. All because of her.
Why would it be better to be "half-siblings and nothing" as opposed to "half-siblings and cousins?" Unless the two men were having sex with each other, there's nothing incestuous about any of this. It is not incestuous for a woman to have sex with one person and then have sex with a close relative of the first person. That other people give Thomas grief (especially about something over which he had no control) indicates they are prejudiced jerks, but it is just another example of the absurdity of the irrational "othering" of anything that some people might so much as mistake for involving consanguineous sexuality.

I would have pointed Thomas to historical traditions and to the fact that in ancient books like the Bible, some people were commanded to have sex with (and marry and have children with) the sibling of their prior spouse. Even today, continuing what can be found in the Bible and other old writings, polygynists (including a family in the media) as well as polyandrists marry and have sex with siblings. This has gone all for all of human history.

Someone being a jerk about this should be asked, "So what's wrong with that?" They might think it is strange, but so what? Would it be better that the two men she had children with be complete strangers? Why?

Here's what matters about Thomas' mother: Does she love her children?
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